Can You Get A Breast Lift Without Implants

It is possible to get a breast lift without implants? That’s the question we’ll answer in this quick article. There might be a solution that will work great for those who may be dealing with saggy, droopy breasts.

This typically happens as you age. Your breast may tend to sag due to gravity. It might not be a good look in terms of aesthetics. 

Breast lifts might just be the solution to ensure that you have that firm, perky look that you might have once had before the sagging had occurred. Let’s talk about breast lifts and the benefits you’ll get from them. 

A breast lift without implants?

Cutting to the chase, the answer is yes. You can get a breast lift without having to deal with any additional procedures like implants. However, there is such a procedure that you will need to undergo.

This is known as a mastopexy. The purpose of this is to lift your breasts while getting rid of the excess skin that may be included with sagging breasts. The nipple and areola will also be repositioned as well so it’s perfectly centered. 

The good news is that the breasts will not look smaller than you think. In fact, it will look perfect in terms of cup size. Plus, it will have that natural, supple look that you’ll enjoy.

Pros and cons of breast lifts

There are upsides and downsides to breast lifts. Before you consider the idea of getting one, it’s good to know what to expect. Here’s what you need to know about the pros and cons:


  • Firmer, natural-looking breasts: As mentioned, the main goal is to make your breasts look firmer and natural-looking. It will almost look identical to what your breasts will look like in your younger years. If you think that is possible without implants, you’re right.
  • It can improve posture: Believe it or not, sagging breasts can lead to poor posture. And poor posture leads to poor spine alignment which can lead to back and neck problems. This can increase the risk of chronic pain that can get worse on some days. 
  • Cost less than implants: If you are considering implants, you may want to consider other options. A breast lift might be the best option if you are looking to at least go up a cup size or two. Plus, implants are quite expensive these days. 
  • Less back pain: As mentioned, a breast lift can improve your posture. However, back pain can still occur even if your posture is slightly better than most. Sagging breasts can and will lead to back pain since they may tend to weigh you down. 


  • No extra cleavage: If you are looking to add extra cleavage, unfortunately it won’t be attained due to a breast lift. It can only be done by way of implants. 
  • Some sagging may still occur with age: While breast lifts do stop sagging, some of it may still happen as your body ages. It’s just the way the body tends to be as you get older. But the silver lining is that it won’t be as bad. 
  • Some volume loss may occur: If you have had implants and wish to have them removed in favor of a lift, some volume will be lost as a result. In fact, you may lose some natural firmness that you may have had prior to the initial implant procedure. 

Final Thoughts

It is possible to get a breast lift without implants. It’s cost-effective, has more of a natural feeling, and will retain more volume even as you age. There is nothing wrong with having lifts over implants. 

Plus, it’s a procedure that will take a short time to heal. Before you know it, you’ll enjoy your new look. If you want a breast lift done, contact your local plastic surgeon and set up a consultation before going any further.