How Your Phone Can Help You Stick to an Exercise Routine

While technology is at fault for many of our unhealthy modern habits, it’s important not to overlook how it can also help people stay healthy. If you are among the majority of the people who always have their phone with them, here’s how your phone can be used to help you exercise more.

1 – Motivational apps

Studies suggest that it takes about six weeks of doing something every day for it to become a habit. Different factors go into this, but if you want to make exercise part of your routine, six weeks is a good rule of thumb. That’s the first threshold you’ll need to cross to make sure the new routine will stick in the long term.

During this period, you’ll need all the motivation you can get to make sure you get some exercise done every single day. And that’s where motivational apps can come in handy. These will provide daily reminders and motivational quotes to help you stay on track.

Some apps can even track your success streak and use that to help push you forward. You’ll be less likely to skip exercising on the 15th day if you know that will break a 14-day success streak.

2 – Training videos

Having training videos in your pocket can be very useful when you are exercising outdoors or in a gym. Keep in mind that proper form and execution are crucial to prevent injury while exercising, which is why having a personal trainer monitoring you is so important. But if that is not an option, the second-best solution is to have videos and images showing the proper way to do different exercises loading on your phone.

3 – Find exercise spots

Whether you are looking for tennis courts, running trails, or good Dubai gyms, some apps can use your GPS to help you find these. This can be useful for making sure you always have a place where you can workout, especially when you are away from home. Be it while visiting relatives or during business trips.

4 – Personal training

Online personal trainers are becoming more popular every year. Hiring an online personal trainer is often more affordable than hiring someone to look over you in person, and since you don’t need to meet the PT in person, it is much easier for an online trainer to be available on a more flexible schedule.

Your phone can of course help you select and hire an online personal trainer, but its more valuable use is as a tool to let personal trainers monitor you. The phone camera and microphone can be used to show your trainer what you are doing, which can help them give you tips and correct your form. And of course, a good personal trainer will also know how to help you stay motivated.

5 – Network with others

Connecting with other athletes is a great way to stay active, motivated, and learn new things. And there are plenty of apps out there that seek to help fitness people of all skill levels connect and get to know each other. 

Exercising as part of a group is also generally safer since you’ll have people around who can watch your form, and who help you out if something goes wrong.