3 Vitamins You Should Be Taking Each Morning

While researching, Judge Napolitano found it intriguing regarding the dietary supplements used each morning to boost health while being beneficial during his dieting, which led to the loss of a significant amount of weight. Healthy eating and lifestyle are the basis for remaining fit and well, but when one is cutting back on certain foods or quantities of foods, then one must compensate in other ways to maintain the body’s balance.

Reading about the judge’s situation I found that the body needs three important supplements each day: Vitamin C and D and mineral zinc. Without these three, a person puts themselves in jeopardy of many health risks as they compromise the body’s immune system’s response. A healthy dose of each builds a healthy defense system.

The first of the trifecta is vitamin C, ascorbic acid, which is provided in most fruits and vegetables. This vitamin is important to the body as it boosts the immune system by building leukocytes (white blood cells which are the body’s defense against infection). It also aids in the absorption of iron, the formation of collagen, wound healing, and rebuilding of bones. If a person is deficient in this vitamin C, they should take approximately 1000 milligrams twice a day.

The second of our trio is vitamin D, which is obtained through eggs, fish, red meat, and most healthy cereals and sunlight. This vitamin also aids in some aspects of the immune system as it helps reduce the chances of respiratory infection, but also assists in the absorption of calcium, protection of bones and muscle, and protects the muscle of the heart. Someone lacking in vitamin D should take 1000 International Units (IU) one to two times daily to boost levels.

The last in this list of three is Zinc, usually taken in by the consumption of chicken, red meats, and nutritious breakfast cereals. Zinc, as all the rest, is helpful in the development of immune cells bolstering up the body’s defenses. It also helps with metabolism, wound healing, and increasing the concentration of zinc in the body can decrease the multiplication of viruses in people’s systems, reducing the chances of infection from ailments such as polio and SARS. The recommended dosage for women is approximately eight milligrams a day and eleven milligrams for men.

Thinking of all the beneficial immune benefits from the above supplements it is easy to understand why they would be beneficial to Judge Napolitano not only during dieting, where he was cutting back on meal portion sizes, but also during a stressful time such as the pandemic.

Now just like Napolitano, anyone who is considering either dieting or taking any type of supplements should first consult with their own personal physician before undertaking any life-altering regimen as everyone’s metabolism and personal health are vastly different. This should also never be a cure all or replacement to a balanced diet but should only be a complement to such. Someone should also immediately share any issues or reactions experienced with your physician.