How to Have a Healthy Pregnancy

Having a healthy pregnancy has many dimensions. Pregnancy is such an amazing experience with many ups and downs. Even though it may not always be rainbows and roses you always want what is best for you and your baby. When it comes to a healthy pregnancy there are things you can control and things you cannot. Most things you can control like having regular exercise, having fun, going to your prenatal visits, and eating right. However, there are things like your genetics that you cannot change but can try and help. Overall having a healthy pregnancy can be something fun to do. Who knows, maybe implementing healthy habits now will help create good habits postpartum.

Regular Exercise

         Both pregnant and not pregnant, exercise is essential for your well-being.  Exercise helps to keep your bones strong, your muscles strong, your heart working well, and can clear your mind. Exercise in pregnancy can take many shapes and sizes. In the past you may have heard that pregnant people should always rest, and of course there are times when that is necessary, but mild to moderate exercise is very beneficial. It is not advised to do heavy exercise like bench pressing or any sort of extreme sport. Always speak with your health care provider to see what exercise regimen is good and approved for your lifestyle. You should generally not start a new exercise routine if you have never done it before. Deciding that you want to become an Olympic swimmer mid pregnancy is probably not a great idea.

Have Fun

         Pregnancy can be stressful sometimes. With so many things going on in your life and growing a baby can make life difficult and cause stress and anxiety. Even though it seems impossible sometimes make sure you are having fun. Pregnancy is such a special time where you are literally growing life inside of you. Take the time to take photos, have a baby shower, and spend a lot of time with your loved ones. Also, feel free to try new things and plan for the future if that is fun for you. Taking the time to do things you love can reduce your stress and make your pregnancy full of wonderful memories that you will treasure forever.

Prenatal Visits

         Prenatal visits are one of the centers of pregnancy. You begin going to the ob gyn or midwife every few months to then going every week once you get close to delivery. Prenatal visits are essential in having a healthy pregnancy. They are a time to speak with a healthcare professional (HCP) about your questions and concerns as well as to be monitored for any change in health status. Your HCP will know if anything is of concern and needs to be addressed. Without their guidance you or your baby could be put into a dangerous situation. Make sure to find a provider that cares about you and respects you. Always choose someone you trust and that listens to everything you have to say.

Eat Right

         Eating a well-balanced diet is important so that your baby has enough nutrients to grow and develop properly. A diet in pregnancy is similar to a regular balanced diet, however there are some things that are specifically stressed. One thing that is especially important is to get all of the necessary vitamins and minerals. Some of the most notable ones are folic acid, iron, calcium, vitamin C, and vitamin D. You can ensure you get the proper amount by taking a prenatal vitamin every day. In addition, you also want to focus on eating adequate protein. Protein is essential for building the tissues for your baby so they can grow properly. If you follow a special diet like vegan or vegetarian you will want to bring that up at one of your first prenatal visits to ensure your diet is meeting the necessary requirements. Overall make sure you are eating enough fruits, vegetables, and protein. 


Genetics are just one of those things that you cannot change. Genetics have influence on most aspects of health from if you have a genetic disorder to if you are more likely to develop specific types of cancer. When it comes to pregnancy, how your mother and female family members experienced their pregnancies may give you some insight into how your will be. You can speak with your family members to get an idea of some things you may go through. Another thing related to genetics is the genes you will pass to your baby. For some genes you can get genetic testing done during pregnancy to see if your baby shows or is predisposed to certain genes.

Having a healthy pregnancy has many elements. Taking the time to understand exactly what you can do to promote your health during pregnancy is the first step. You can only try your best to take the best steps possible to have a healthy pregnancy.