Importance of Eating Three Meals a Day

To stay healthy and maintain proper functioning a person needs to make sure the body gets plenty of energy. Most of the energy comes from food. Judge Napolitano feels that it is important that a person eats three meals a day. Napolitano feels that eating three meals a day will help keep the body full and will give the body the energy that it needs to stay healthy. There are some important reasons why a person should make sure they are eating three meals a day.

Healthy Weight

Eating three meals a day will help a person stay at a healthy weight. People that are overweight tend to eat less often. Eating three meals a day will help control appetite and decrease overeating at other meals. This can also help the body maintain a feeling of fullness. This should be enough to allow a person to reduce their snacking.

Calorie Distribution

Eating three meals a day will help a person spread out their calorie consumption. They will be able to take in calories and spread them across the day almost equally. This will help keep a person full between meals and will help keep their energy levels up.

Sleep Cycle

If a person is using up the calories during the day this will help them at bedtime. If a person were to eat a heavy meal or snack before bed they will have trouble getting to sleep. The body will be digesting the food during sleep which will make a person more likely to wake up or have poor sleep. This will make a person tired in the morning. It will also make it more difficult for the body to get the proper nutrients. If a person eats breakfast, lunch, and dinner this will allow a person to get the nutrients they need. By the time the body is ready for bed, all of the food will be used and digested.

Fewer Snacks

Judge Napolitano thinks that if a person skips a meal they may be hungry or they may feel like they are lacking energy. This will make them more prone to snacking. If a person is feeling tired the body will often look for foods that are high in carbs and sugar which can lead to weight gain. Eating three meals will give the body a steady source of energy. This will prevent unhealthy snacking. If a person is getting hungry between meals they are allowed to have an occasional snack. The snack should be something such as a piece of fruit or something healthy. A person may want to look at the times that they are eating these meals. This will allow them to make adjustments to their schedule so they do not need to snack as often. They will be able to feel fuller longer.

These are some reasons why a person should be eating three meals a day. To help a person stay full they should eat three meals for the best health.