Remote Patient Monitoring Advantages To Be Aware Of

There are countless devices we can nowadays use to remotely monitor our health for both minor and complex issues. This is what we refer to when we discuss remote patient monitoring (also known as RPM).

The number of people that now remotely monitor their health is constantly growing. This is possible with the use of remote patient monitoring in a combination with community health monitoring software. However, adoption is still not as high as it should be. This is basically because of a lack of understanding about the numerous benefits associated with remote patient monitoring. So, let’s discuss the main ones below.

Real Time Sending Of Data

With RPM, you can send data to your health professionals as a patient in real time. We can say this is basically the main benefit associated with remote patient monitoring and homecare telehealth. Patients can easily use mobile medical devices in order to perform some routine tests. Then, test results can be quickly sent to your doctor without having to visit the medical institution.

As a result of this advantage, people that suffer because of long-term illnesses, those who need to discuss with the healthcare professionals really often. With the use of homecare telehealth, you quickly and easily communicate with physicians when you suffer from respiratory, cardiovascular, mental disorders, sleep disorders, and several other diseases. A doctor will easily counsel anyone that is sick with the use of the internet.

Improving The Lifestyle Of Patients

With the use of RPM when dealing with chronic disease management, you can drastically improve the quality of life for patients. Because of remote patient monitoring, those who are chronically ill can end up spending much more time with their friends and family than when placed in hospitals. Monitoring devices can even inform patients about critical health deterioration, which is when emergency help is needed really fast.

Increased Healthcare Availability

With RPM, doctors get to reach out to numerous potential patients in a smaller time. Most people do not love going to clinic. Some cannot afford to visit doctors. RPM allows the development of systems that give free consultation. Physicians can easily check on patients at home with the use of the internet. Medical establishments will be able to gain many more visitors and they will not need to overcrowd facilities.

Saving Money

All patients can end up saving a lot of money when RPM is used. With the use of home telehealth, it is not needed to visit clinics for prescriptions. Patients do not even need to ask about test results.

Because of the fact that we see a decrease in the number of hospital visits that are unnecessary, many medical institutions are nowadays less crowded. They can easily work faster and admit those patients that only need emergency help.

As an example, specialists at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering from the Oxford University created an app that patients can use in order to avoid all the unnecessary visits. This is a system that was tested and that led to a drop in doctor appointments by an impressive 25%.