Do Lawyers Lie About Settlements?

As far as the law goes, lawyers are not supposed to and expected to lie. They are morally and legally bound to their clients, the third parties, and the court. However, sometimes lawyers do lie and are involved in a bit of trickery. It happens to put a big question mark on the attorney’s obligation to his client on the one hand and the lawyer’s obligation to the court’s integrity and the other party. Therefore, carry out due diligence to find the lawyer’s credibility before hiring a Bradenton car accident lawyer.

How to know that your lawyer is lying to you? Here are some signs to look out for –

Your lawyer’s behavior and approach are unprofessional.

If your lawyer’s attitude and behavior show a marked lack of respect for time, dedication, reverts, etc., you need to think if your lawyer is lying to you. It should be the warning sign number one. What are signs of unprofessionalism?

  1. Coming late to meetings or not showing up at meetings.
  2. Missing critical deadlines like filing documents or filing papers incorrectly.
  3. Starts avoiding your calls and not calling back. 
  4. Starts to take your decisions without informing you. 
  5. Arguing, pressurizing you to agree to certain things against your interest. 
  6. Seems not to be working on the case at all.

Stops communicating

As the plaintiff, you should always be aware of what is happening with your case – the progress should be updated regularly by the lawyer. Your lawyer’s office should be promptly informing you about the status update. It should never happen that you need to call up the office for updates. One way to understand if your lawyer is avoiding you or lying to you is when you never speak to the attorney after the first interaction. Agreed that lawyers are very busy, but they should never make their clients feel unwanted and unattended. Even if the lawyer is busy, he or she should make it a point to call you back. It keeps the communication channel open and gives you the confidence that you have placed your faith in the right Bradenton car accident lawyers.

  1. The attorney lacks compassion.

No law states that lawyers need to be empathetic; however, there is the underlying expectation of the client that the lawyer will show compassion towards his or her case. It is especially true in car accidents where victims are injured and go through many mental and physical hassles post-accident. Even if a lawyer is very successful and reputed, the basic difference between a good lawyer and a bad one is that the former always has a touch of compassion while the latter would be mostly indifferent. The attorney doesn’t have to become your best friend, but he certainly needs to be understanding and humble, at the least.

The lawyer keeps posting good news.

If you notice your attorney keeping you posted with all positive and good news, you feel elated too. However, you find later that it was all hollow talk to your disappointment, and there was no truth in the news. Sometimes, you find that the case is not going well – on the contrary, things are bad, or a low settlement is expected to come through. 

Make sure that you research well before hiring a Bradenton car accident lawyer.