Diego Ruiz Duran’s Favorite Taco Ingredients

Making tacos is a fun activity for a night when one is just craving some Mexican food! While most taco making is pretty simple, adding special ingredients and combinations of ingredients can make amazing tacos for the whole family to enjoy. The best taco ingredients, endorsed by people such as defense attorney Diego Ruiz Duran, are easy to find and use for the next Taco Tuesday.


The main part of any taco is the type of meat chosen. There are so many to pick between, as tacos can work with a variety of beef, poultry, and even seafood. If someone is craving a little spice, making a batch of chorizo, or Mexican sausage, will add a punch to ordinary tacos. If beef tacos are the favorite, ground beef, the classic, barbacoa, or even steak are good choices for a hearty meal. Other, less traditional taco meat may include chicken or fish, which both make for a fun twist to the average taco.

Taco Seasoning

Taco seasoning is something that adds the specific taco flavoring and makes the meat match with the other ingredients. Just add a packet of taco seasoning and water to the meat as it is cooking to really add the flavor to the meat. If desired, this seating can also be made at home, using spices such as paprika, cumin and chili powder, adding a good amount of spice.

Salsa and Sauces

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The addition of salsa to a taco can add more spice, as well as the cultural taste that tacos are made for. Either a corn salsa, a roma tomato salsa, or a guacamole or avocado based salsa can add to the cohesion of the meat and other toppings.

In some cases, sauces can be used to either add to the taco or dip it into. Sour cream, hot sauce and hummus are some popular, cross cultural, sauces to add to the overall taste.

Lettuce and Other Vegetables

Adding a crunch to one’s tacos is a nice pairing with the soft meats and salsas. Lettuce and corn are some of the most common vegetables to top tacos with, yet some people can decide to use extra tomatoes, cilantro, or onions. In the other kinds of tacos, such as fish tacos, it may be nice to add other vegetables, like radishes or cabbage.


To top it off, lawyer Diego Ruiz Duran loves adding a good cheese that will bring a great savory taste to the meal. Using cheddar, colby jack, or store-bought Mexican style cheeses, topping the meat and vegetables with a hearty cheese will pull it all together.


To tie any taco together, a nicely warmed tortilla will be able to hold all the ingredients. There are many options of tortilla, such as corn and flour, and all of their variations, like flour tortillas. Hard taco shells are also available.

Make the Best Tacos for the Family

Assessing the tastes of everyone invited to the taco dinner will provide exciting ideas about what ingredients to use and how to search the meal. While all tacos taste good, each have their own variations that set them apart and make them delicious.