Benjamin Cory Harow’s Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Diet

Even during such uncertain times in the current world we live in, people are often curious about how to properly maintain a healthy, satisfying diet. As a doctor, he keeps his health and energy levels as a top priority in his life. He exercises regularly and makes sure to cook meals for him and his family that are nutritious and beneficial to their growth and development. This article is geared to talk about how people can stay on track with a healthy lifestyle and how to make healthy eating become a lifelong habit they really enjoy. 

Benjamin Cory Harow is an Emergency Medicine Specialist in North Palm Beach, Florida. He graduated with honors in 1999 from Stony Brook University School of Medicine. Afterwards, he completed his residency at the University of Chicago. With over twenty two years of experience, he is able to treat patients with life threatening conditions including a heart attack, massive bleeding or a drug overdose. Harow also has admitting privileges to several hospitals throughout the state of Florida. He has licenses to practice medicine in Florida, Illinois and Massachusetts. As a healthcare professional, he knows everything that goes into what keeps the human body strong and well functioned. He wants people to feel capable and motivated after reading some of his suggestions. 

Here are a few tips for how individuals can start and keep up with a healthy diet:

  1. Keep Expectations Realistic

Healthcare professional Benjamin Cory Harow does not want a motivated individual to start their health journey on unrealistic expectations. Pressuring oneself to quickly lose weight. Research has found that it typically takes 6-12 months to lose weight. So as long as participants just stick to eating healthy and exercising regularly, the results will speak for themselves. 

  1. Say No to Unhealthy Foods 

Junk food will do nothing but stunt your journey of trying to maintain a healthy diet. By keeping them out of the house, you avoid the risk of feeling tempted to eat them. That way, people are guaranteed to stay on track. 

  1. Don’t Lose Track by Traveling

By traveling to somewhere new, it is easy to lose sight of the path you have set for yourself. To avoid this, make sure to pack healthy snacks and put all of your efforts into trying to maintain the goal of sticking to a healthy diet. 

  1. Monitor Your Progress

By using an online food tracker or simply documenting progress, it can help improve motivation. It can help people stick to a healthy diet and may also push them into beating past goals and setting the bar even higher. 

  1. Have a Partner Join You

This is a huge motivator to have someone by your side to take the journey with you. If there is ever a time when someone wants to cave, they have that person beside them to keep them on track to reach their goal. This is a fun way for two people to bond over wanting to have a healthier lifestyle. 

At HealthSource Magazine, we strongly encourage our readers to digest the information above and consider switching to a healthy lifestyle if they have not already. Benjamin Cory Harow insists that he feels so much more energized and positive since choosing to be selective about what he puts into his body. The process will not always be easy, but once it has become a habit it will be worth it. People will begin to feel like their best selves. Begin the journey with a friend or family member, download a nutrition tracker app, and begin a healthier life today!