2021 Guide to a Healthy Diet

glass being filled from a tap with filtered water

Helen Lee Schifter is a health advocate, who promotes taking advantage of living and sustaining a healthy lifestyle by eating a healthy diet. Ms. Shifter began her career in the financial services aspect of Wall Street, as an arbitrage trader. It was during her tenure as a financial professional that she encompassed the perspective of how neglectful people were to their health, while focused on fulfilling the demanding motives of their job.

This prompted her to recount her knowledge and understanding that she acquired as a student of The Japanese Tea Ceremony. The ceremony is known as Chado. It is an encompass of physical manifestation via a spiritual journey of harmony, peace and tranquility.

During the ceremonial practice participants are served green tea, which is known to have advantageous reflections on health. Green tea is rich in antioxidants that are phenomenal with aiding the body in reducing hypertension and lowering LDL (bad) cholesterol.

How to stay on a Healthy Diet

She believes that the practice of eating a healthy rich diet will have a positive reflection on individual lifestyles. She enjoys sharing her perspectives on helping people to acquire and maintain a more productive well-being by improving one’s nutritional intake.

Some suggestions that Helen Schifter declares that will help to lead people on a path to developing a more healthy lifestyle includes the following measures:

Nutritional Health

Incorporating good nutritional habits on a daily basis are advantages with conquering the battle of creating good nutritional health. This goal can be achieved by making better food selections like eating meals that include more fruits and vegetables. This is essential because the body actually digest nutritionally healthier vitamin rich foods better, than it does foods that are highly processed and high in fat content.

Foods that are high in antioxidants and vitamins, like berries are another favorable contender that she recommends because they also help to maintain a strong immune system. Avocados are included in the berry family and they are high in fiber with the good fat properties needed for the body.

Spiritual Healing

She believes that the tea ceremonies that she participates in are also essential to developing a healthy lifestyle, because they promote and provide for mental relaxation(meditation) and spiritual tranquility.

In addition to eating healthy, she also promotes incorporating learning to value a strong physical being. This can be accomplished by performing simple yoga exercises like inversion(laying on your back with your feet propped on a wall). Also focus on reducing surrounding noise and unnatural light intake.

Environmental Protection

She supports the notion that improving one’s health will encourage people to want to improve their environment. This is why she supports the practice of recycling materials, to help keep the earth clean and healthy.

Healthy foods will lead to a healthy heart. Some of the healthiest foods to consume are salmon, spinach, broccoli and beans. Members of the nut family like walnuts, almonds and cashews are also beneficial to one’s body.