Aspects to Consider When Investing in a Yacht

If you are in a position to acquire a luxury yacht, there is much to consider, and with an expensive asset, maintenance and service must also be taken into account. Of course, there will be times when you wish to take the family on a tropical paradise cruise around South East Asia, but outside of personal use, your luxury yacht should be available for charter. Before you start looking at boats with a view to buying, here are a few aspects that you must consider.

  • Calculate your Investment – Aside from the obvious initial investment to buy the yacht, you must also factor in maintenance and running costs. You could make good use of the superb Simpson Marine yacht management services that include mooring and maintenance, from a company with a great reputation within the yacht chartering community.
  • Choosing a Vessel – Of course, such a big decision should not be rushed and by talking to a reputable yacht charter firm, you can view the range of luxury yachts and catamarans that interest you. If you have some sailing ability, all well and good, otherwise you will need to hire a crew. The yacht charter company would have a full history of the vessel in question and would probably maintain the yacht for the existing owner and can continue to do that for you. Many would-be yacht owners commission a boat expert to thoroughly inspect the vessel, looking for any faults.
  • Mooring – Of course, you must decide where in the world to moor the yacht when not in use, and for many boat owners, Phuket in Thailand is an attractive proposition and most reputable yacht charter and management companies have a mooring facility in premier locations around the world. It is easy to fly to Phuket and board your luxury yacht whenever you have the time to spend a few days relaxing in the tropical paradise of the Andaman Sea.
  • Yacht Charter – While there are some wealthy boat owners who maintain the vessel solely for their recreation, but the majority prefer to rent the boat out when it is not in use. Talk to any reputable yacht charter company and they can inform you about their chartering service, which you can use. This should provide you with additional revenue that will go part of the way to paying the mooring and maintenance costs and by using a leading yacht charter company, you have the best chance to find clients. Click here for some health benefits of taking a luxury cruise in South East Asia, which are many,
  • Insurance – Of course, you will require comprehensive insurance that covers you for every eventuality, including accidental damage, fire and even theft. The yacht charter company that facilitates the sale would offer the new owner some form of warranty and they know the full service history of the yacht.

If you take note of all of the above points, your luxury yacht will be the ideal place to spend your holidays and if the vessel is fully crewed, you can fly out and enjoy life aboard your very own luxury yacht.