Boost your Health with Exotic Yacht Destinations in Southeast Asia

There is a lot of coastline on this planet and there is just no way to see it all, unless you have found out how to live your life at sea. For most of us, if we get a chance to charter a yacht, we are going to make sure that we choose a destination that is as extraordinary as the method of transport. There are few places on this earth that boast as many exotic destinations close together, as Southeast Asia. There isn’t a place on the map that isn’t worth your time to go see. So, if you only have one chance to go on a luxurious cruise, you can’t go wrong sailing round Indochina.

  • Thailand: Thailand, which used to be known as Siam, has long been associated with the mystical orient. More recently, movies like ‘The Beach’ have shown Thailand to be a natural wonder as well. The Andaman coast is dotted with unique islands, some of which you have seen over and over in tropical advertisements. This is because they are some of the world’s most definitive natural wonders. Thailand has just as many attractions on land as it has on the sea and if you are considering a superyacht charter in Asia, Thailand is an excellent place to start.
  • Indonesia: Indonesia is a massive country. It is the largest archipelagic country in the world. 1760 kilometres from north to south and situated on both sides of the equator. You could spend a lifetime exploring the endless reefs and volcanoes and visiting some of the ancient ruins. From Jakarta to Timor. There is an adventure to be found everywhere. And don’t forget the famous health and wellness spas in Bali.
  • Vietnam: Vietnam has a long and beautiful coastline all the way from Cambodia to China. You can travel up the Mekong to the city of Ho Chi Min. If you travel north up the coast you will arrive at famous locations such as beautiful Nah Trang, Da Nang, Hue – which is on the Gulf of Tonkin, and legendary Ha Long Bay. This iconic bay is one of the most photographed places on Earth. Aside from the coastal views, Vietnamese culture is a pleasure to enjoy and the food is world famous.
  • Myanmar: Myanmar was opened to tourism in the last several years, and they have an absolute wealth of islands and coastal habitats to enjoy. Much of the scenery is untouched raw and natural, as there has not yet been time for it to be ruined by over development.  Bordering Thailand the Mergui Archipelago continues the beautiful islands of the Andaman sea. From this starting point, you can visit islands all the way to Yangon.

Chartering a superyacht is not something most people are able to do on a whim. This is an experience that should be carefully planned, and the locations considered thoroughly. The beauty of travelling around Southeast Asia is that the abundance of choice makes it difficult to get it wrong. The entire region is rich in tropical delights, and each area has something for every age and sensibility.