Healthiness is a Way of Life

Helen Lee Schifter has written extensively about the value of health and wellness. Certainly there is no doubt that the benefits are numerous. Leading a healthy lifestyle can dramatically change the tenor of one’s life. The quality of one’s life can also be dramatically affected in the most positive of ways. But what are some basic steps one can take to get started on such an important objective and common goal?

According to Helen Lee Schifter and other experts, there needs to be a healthy balance struck between intensity and consistency. After all, there is indeed a need for a better and more comprehensive understanding of the various ways in which one can lead a healthier lifestyle.

Among those ways is maintaining a fitness regimen that is not only intensive but also consistent. But these exercises need not take place in a gym. Instead, they can take place anywhere, frankly. Helen Schifter has written for example, that people should take advantage of the time they have in their morning commute to exercise. There’s other time throughout the day when they can take advantage of the moment and create it into an opportune circumstance to get some fitness value.

There are so many different exciting ways one can imbue fitness and incorporate it into one’s life. On one’s morning commute to his or her office, instead of traveling by car or subway, why not walk or even run? Surely in isolation this won’t have a meaningful impact that’s truly substantive. But in the aggregate, it definitely will.