Helen Lee Schifter on Promoting Organic Living

There is so much said and discussed about the value of organic living. Yet for whatever reason, it’s simply not taken as seriously as it  should be. The reality is, that leading an organic lifestyle has substantive consequences on one’s physical health. And it’s not just one’s physical health. As Helen Lee Schifter has written about extensively, one’s mental and emotional health are also directly affected based on the type of lifestyle one leads. 

Helen Lee Schifter

There is no doubt that dieting and the volume of quality foods that one nourishes is an integral component to ensuring a healthy lifestyle. Organic living doesn’t just involve what one eats, however. It also involves and incorporates a number of different factors and variables. For example, fitness is an incredibly important part of one’s lifestyle and ensuring that one is leading a healthy lifestyle that will have constructive impact and consequences on their health. 

As Helen said in her interview with Medium, maintaining a healthy regimen is of the utmost importance and value. Whatever your exercise routine might be, make sure that fitness and working out is a part of your regular lifestyle and routine. It’s not just the amount that you push yourself within your workout that actually matters. It’s also the frequency with which you actually engage in working out; and the consistency you exhibit throughout. 

These are all very important factors in helping one promote a healthier lifestyle that ultimately has great benefits to all. It’s also important to mixup one’s regular workout routine, every so often. That means if you’re normally just doing push-ups and pull-ups, take some time to work on squats and weight-lifting. And try to challenge yourself. Mixing up your workout routine can have great effects on your health; and some of those can truly be instantaneous. Don’t worry about the soreness you might feel the day after, or even in the hours after your actual workout. 

If anything, the soreness is indicative of the quality of the workout. And although the soreness may be temporary, it  is the impact that the workout will have on your muscles, and your overall physique that will be lasting so long as you maintain a healthy diet beyond that.

But lifestyle choices extend beyond what you eat, and your fitness routine and regimen. They also include how you feel about yourself. Confidence building is a very important exercise. And that include an array of different things. For example, one should feel proud of where they live. Commit yourself to however much interior design you might be able to; no matter how modest your dwelling might be. By example, Elle Decor has various examples that are illustrative of this; that people should consider reviewing to get some ideas that might be fresh and useful. 

But how you feel about yourself extends beyond how you care about yourself in the gym or even at home. Instead, it encompasses your entire lifestyle more broadly. Getting out and going to events, is something that helps people not only stay active but also get dressed up and feel more confidently about themselves. You can look no further than the galleries at Guest of a Guest to see all types of events that are chronicled taking place locally and in the broader New York area. 

Getting out and having the opportunity to network and engage people in interpersonal conversation can have a very beneficial effect on the quality of one’s lifestyle. Confidence building measures have to be taken to help instill a sense of self esteem in one’s life; and being able to go out and be recognized helps some instill a sense of pride in themselves. 

So overall, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is truly all encompassing. It  doesn’t just include one’s workout regimen or the quality of one’s diet. Instead, it  includes confidence building measures, such as what one wears, and getting out and networking. Engaging nature; and engaging people in interpersonal conversation can make someone feel more alive in the most positive of ways. There are truly a myriad of factors that contribute to how one feels about themselves. And in turn, collectively, these factors determine how healthy a lifestyle one is leading.