Zen Buddhist Practices Can Help with a Healthy Mind

injured woman with husband reading letter

Zen is a part of Buddhism that gives people spiritual understanding of their lives. For many, it can be hard to grasp the true meaning of life. It takes years of practice in Buddhism to find missing parts of oneself. Helen Lee Schifter is a health and wellness expert who is also Zen Buddist. It’s understandable that life can be stressful, lead to worries, and be incoherent to some. However, Zen Buddist practices can help ease the mind of any tension. 

Self-restraint through the practice of mediation is key when participating in Zen Buddism. The art is to notice discomforts or negatives in ones’ life and try to change them. Zen Buddhists also believe that helping people is the best way of life. Putting someone else above their own needs is a crucial part of their existence. Realizing ones’ buddha-nature is another important step that can help fuel a healthy mind. Trying new breathing techniques that help relative tensions or stress can help the mind adapt to new situations.A healthy mind correlates to a healthy body. Being able to connect that two is very important for those who spiritually practice Zen. It has helped individuals grow as people, help communities, and act selflessly around others. With many more cases of mental health issues arising, it’s important to figure out solutions and bring people together. Helen Lee Schifter has come a long way with her peace.  Having a healthier mind can benefit individuals in a variety of different ways. With our daily lives, comes a lot of self-doubts and a need for reassurance. It’s okay to have those things, as they are a normal step in development. However, it’s even more crucial to push those negative out of our systems through mediation and Zen Buddism.