What to Look for in an Elderly Care Home

Human beings, like every other living thing, age and eventually we expire and return back to mother Earth, yet before that happens, the time comes when we require some assistance, which usually comes from the family. For some, that point comes earlier than for others and if you have an elderly family member that requires full time care, here are a few things to look for when comparing full-time care providers.

  • Registered with the Local Government – If, for example, you are looking for an affordable nursing home in Bangkok, make sure they are approved by the Thai Ministry of Health and any care provider with a string of awards, must be doing something right. This ensures that the highest standards are provided by qualified staff, who work shifts to ensure round the clock care.
  • Caring Ambience – This is very important and the only way to be sure is to book a tour of the facility, which can be done via their website. If the residents are in good spirits, this is always a good sign and you can talk to them as you walk around. Take note of the carers and their manner when interacting with residents; staff should be people who love working with the elderly and you should also prepare a list of questions to ask the management. 
  • Suitable Resources – A care home should be equipped with many aids and equipment items, all designed to make life comfortable for the residents, with safe bathrooms and mobility devices should be in attendance. Of course, there should be space and not too many residents and there should be private room facilities. Click here for tips on dealing with a personal injury.
  • Affordability – Having your elderly relatives to stay at a care home should not be at sky-high prices, indeed, a few Google searches is all it takes to compare costs. While the best care won’t be the cheapest, affordability is an important aspect of full-time care for the elderly and shopping around might save you some money.
  • Pleasant Surroundings – Of course, you want your relatives to enjoy their stay and the ideal care home would have well-tended gardens and a pleasant terrace for the summer days. Dull and colourless décor doesn’t do much to brighten a person’s outlook on life, so do bear that in mind when looking at care homes.
  • Adequate Healthcare Resources – Should one of the residents develop a health issue, there should be at least one qualified doctor on duty, as well as several nurses. The whole point of full-time healthcare is being able to deliver the services at very short notice, so make sure the home is well-equipped.

Thailand has excellent healthcare and should you be thinking of travelling during these troubled times, check the Thai government Covid updates first. Take your time when looking at potential venues and any care home that you think might be suitable, you should visit.