What Are The Benefits Of Percussive Therapy

Massage guns alleviate muscle soreness, improve flexibility, and enable you to heal from injuries faster. There are two primary types of massage therapy: percussive and vibration. Percussion therapy stands out in its ability to reach deeper and achieve greater therapeutic benefits. 

Deeper Massage

Percussive therapy guns can reach 60% deeper into your muscles than vibration massagers. They produce benefits that are more similar to the deep massage you would receive from a therapist. By reaching so deeply, percussive therapy increases blood flow and oxygen into the entire muscle, right down to the deepest part. 

This can be especially important when you are using massage therapy to treat injuries. Athletes find that percussive therapy can improve healing time by stimulating blood flow throughout an injured muscle group. 

A More Comfortable Massage

In percussive therapy massage, the massage device rapidly makes contact with your muscle. Because the brain does not acclimate to the sensation, this therapy registers as being more comfortable and less painful than other types of therapy.

Furthermore, a high-quality percussive therapy massage gun can handle over 50 lb of apply pressure. You can use these devices to create a very deep massage that is still extremely comfortable. Use the massage gun to reach deep into a very large muscle group or under a fat layer.

Reduce Muscle Soreness

You may be especially aware of reduced muscle soreness when you use the percussive therapy massage gun after intense exercise. The massage therapy decreases lactic acid in your muscles, which in turn dramatically reduces the pain that you feel in muscles after exercise. Furthermore, because percussive therapy reaches deep into the tissue and increases blood flow, muscles will be better hydrated, which makes them less sore.

Improve Performance

Using a percussive therapy massage gun before exercise can dramatically improve your performance during a workout or game. The therapy loosens muscle fibers, improving range of motion and flexibility. You’ll perform better and be less likely to injure yourself during a workout when you use a percussive therapy massage gun prior to working out. 

Why Is Percussive Therapy Superior To Vibration Therapy?

Vibration therapy is also beneficial for alleviating muscle soreness and loosening muscles, so why is percussive therapy a better option? Vibration therapy can’t reach as deep as percussive therapy. It’s fine for surface muscle soreness, but not effective for very deep massage. 

Many people find that vibration therapy isn’t as comfortable as percussion therapy. Because vibration guns must make constant contact with your body, you’re more likely to register the pressure as pain, which means that you’ll have a less comfortable massage. 

Are Percussive Therapy Massage Guns Effective?

You may be wondering whether a percussive therapy massage gun is really a good alternative to traditional massage. There is nothing that can match a certified and experienced therapist who knows your body well and is great at giving you a custom massage. That said, it’s better for your body not to build up lactic acid without massage between sessions. A massage gun is a great alternative to a therapist or a way to give yourself effective massage between sessions. 

If you’re not willing to pay the high prices of professional massage therapy or are looking for an effective way to achieve great massage in between therapy sessions, a percusssive therapy massage gun can be very beneficial for you. 

Get Started With A Percussive Therapy Routine Today

Whether you buy a geat percussive therapy gun or incorporate a professional massage therapist into your self-care routine, percussive therapy is a great way to make your muscles healthier. Percussive massage prior to a workout makes your workout safer and more effective. Percussive massage after workouts improves your muscles’ condition and makes you more comfortable.