Trader Joes vs. Whole Foods, Which Store is Better?

Trader Joe’s vs. Whole Foods: Which Store Is Better

Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods are the first two stores that come to mind when people think of organic, natural and healthy foods. Many consumers wonder which store is better. Let’s compare each in quality of products, price, selection, extras and more.

Whole Foods vs Trader Joe’s: Brand Promises

The promises that the stores make are slightly different. Whole Foods’ promise is that they offer customers high quality foods that are healthy, as well as the promise to continue supporting regional farmers and producers. Trader Joe’s promise is to offer natural foods at affordable prices.


Whole Foods sells high quality food, especially meat. The meat they sell contains no antibiotics or hormones. Wild-caught and farmed raised seafood is available at Whole Foods. Whole Foods adheres to high standards when it comes to their farmed seafood.

Trader Joe’s offers organic and healthy foods. The store sells an array of high quality packaged foods. The majority of food that is sold at Trader Joe’s doesn’t contain artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors.

For packaged foods, Trader Joe’s has Whole Foods beat. The latter beats Trader Joe’s in fresh meats and seafood. Both stores offer quality products, but Whole Foods typically has healthier foods.


Much of Trader Joe’s locations are stocked with their own brand products. Whole Foods has more brands to choose from, as well as their own branded products. Both shops have everything from basic foods to exotic superfoods.

If consumers are after a large selection of wines and cheeses, then Trader Joe’s is the place to go. At most locations consumers can easily find wines for less than $12 a bottle. The cheese selection is impressive, with many of them selling for less than six dollars.

However, Whole Foods is a larger company than Trader Joe’s, so it comes to no surprise that they have a wider selection of products. Let’s not forget to mention that Whole Foods has a large selection of non-GMO products. They were one of the first major food stores in America that clearly label whether or not their products contain GMO.


Although Whole Foods’ products are competitively priced when compared to other major grocery store chains, there is a big price difference between them and Trader Joe’s. For example, Trader Joe’s non-organic produce is typically far less expensive than Whole Foods. However, buying in bulk tends to be cheaper to do at Whole Foods than Trader Joe’s.

Many notable people, including Father George Rutler, find that both shops offer affordable items. Some people shop for specific items at one place or another, due to price differences.


Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s offer an array of extras. For instance, Whole Foods offers delivery or customers can order online and pick them up at the store. Not only that, but some Whole Foods’ locations sell hot meals, have juice bars and/or salad bars. Trader Joe’s doesn’t offer delivery service, but they do hide stuffed lobsters in their stores. If a kid finds one of these stuffed lobsters, then they’ll receive a surprise.

Although both stores offer extras in addition to groceries, Whole Foods comes out on top. They offer a bit more than Trader Joe’s. Do bear in mind that extras offered by Whole Foods do vary from location to location.


The brands have built a stellar reputation, and this is thanks to the staff that works in each location. Both stores are known for treating their employees well, both in regards to respecting workers and paying them good wages. This may be one of the reasons Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s have staff that have received the reputation of being friendly and going the extra mile for customers.

Returns & Customer Satisfactions

Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods both have a generous return policy. Whole Foods’ policy states that customers can return products within 90 days of purchase and with the original receipt. Trader Joe’s return policy allows customers to return virtually any product they sell. However, customers of Trader Joe’s don’t need their receipt, although it’s better if they do have one because it can speed up the return process.

Customer satisfaction is very high for both Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s. There is no shortage of positive reviews written about both companies. In fact, both brands target a similar market and many reviewers mention how they’re fans of both stores.

Final Verdict

Both stores are unique in their own ways and both are worth shopping at. Like many people, Father George Rutler enjoys shopping at both stores. He likes the selection of products that both offer, and he is a fan of their prices.

Trader Joes and Whole Foods are excellent options for anyone who wants to eat clean or add some healthier meals and foods to their current diet. It’s highly recommended to check out both stores and compare each one in person.