Tools for the Future of Learning and Development

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Calculating the return of investment on learning and development practices in your business can be incredibly difficult. In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, dated indicators of successful learning and development programs like attendance and travel records are not indicative of modern success. Ineffective learning and development programs cost the company $1,350 per employee, and only 10% of money spent on learning and development produces real results for the company.

Arist offers an alternative to blind learning and development programs. It uses modern indicators of success like improved confidence, employee retention, and internal mobility to effectively calculate the return of investment. It also costs less– Arist can save $480,000 annually, $96,000 per learner. It uses far less time than traditional methods, and can save learning and development teams 82% of the time they normally use to create and deliver courses. Arist increases the adoption of learning by 90%, and the speed of learning creation by 95%.

 In addition, employees who took the course feel 30% more confident in performing their roles upon their return to work. Arist can be hugely helpful for businesses of any size to improve their learning and development programs.

Measuring the ROI of corporate learning
Source: Arist