2023 Guide for First-time Denture Buyers

Denture services have come a long way since the days when one-size-fits-all dentures were all that was available. Nowadays, there is a wide range of options, such as full dentures, partial dentures, and even dental implants, which allow for a more custom fit and more natural-looking results. Not all denture services out there offer the best care and quality, however, so let’s discuss some of the best practices and tips for getting your perfect set of dentures in 2023!

Look for a dentist who specializes in dentures.

Surprised? In fact, a dentist who specializes in dentures is a specialized type of dental care, and these professionals have the knowledge and expertise to ensure that your denture fit properly, look natural and last you a long time. There are different types of dentures and each one requires specialized techniques, and a dentist who specializes in dentures will be able to advise you on the best type for your situation, fabricate them for you and make any necessary modifications or adjustments as needed. Furthermore, dentists that specialize in dentures work with the latest technologies and will ideally have a partnership with a modern dental laboratory like Stomadent, where technicians hand-design products using a computerized CAD/CAM system, ensuring high-quality control, precision accuracy, and individualized customer service. 

Make an informed decision regarding the best material for your dentures. 

A large part of getting quality dentures lies in selecting the right material. Different types of materials offer different benefits, such as comfort, durability, and flexibility, and knowing what type of material is best suited for you is key to ensuring that your dentures are strong and durable. Additionally, researching materials can ensure that you avoid harmful or allergenic substances, or any other substances that could be detrimental to your health, and can also help reduce costs if certain materials are cheaper while still providing a strong level of protection. It’s always wise to speak with a qualified dentist and discuss your needs before investing in any type of denture solution.

Find out about any potential health risks before purchasing. 

Certain medical conditions or medications can cause complications in certain types of denture materials, so it is important to consider the specific risks before making a purchase. For example, disease such as diabetes and HIV/AIDS can interrupt the healing process and result in an improper fit or increased cost for replacement. In addition, some medical treatments and procedures can also negatively impact your mouth’s effectiveness in wearing dentures. Being aware of any possible risks allows you to prepare for your appointment with accurate information and make the best decisions for your dental care. 

Stay up to date with the latest advancements in technology. 

With recent advances in materials, such as implants, dentists can offer a custom fit that lasts longer and feels much more natural, resulting in comfortable and attractive smiles. Additionally, newer technologies like CAD/CAM systems make it easier to craft precise and lifelike dentures while reducing labor costs.  For example, European Denture Center utilizes new technologies and safer dental materials for their Advance Comfort™ dentures, which means less distortion and better fitting dentures, denture implants, partial dentures, night-guards, and other dental appliances. 

Be patient during the process. 

There can be a long period between getting new dentures and achieving the perfect fit for them, as it takes time to create a custom-made set of dentures that fit comfortably and securely. The dentist will also need to complete several steps such as taking impressions, designing the dental prostheses, adjusting for a comfortable fit, testing for function, and making any necessary modifications. It’s worth the wait though, since wearing a poorly fitted set of dentures can cause discomfort and even jaw pain due to improper alignment. 

The world of modern dental technology continues to advance, but the patient process of getting dentures for the first time can still be overwhelming. That’s why it’s important to choose quality over quantity and take the time to become an informed consumer who is ready to find the right dentist and product for your needs!