Things to Not Say at a the Scene of a Car Accident

Unfortunately, car accidents are a fairly common occurrence. This means that you are quite likely to be involved in one at some point in your life. Once one happens, at the very least, you are going to be shaken and confused. Even if the accident only results in a bent fender, the whole scenario will be rather intense and time-consuming. 

You will also need to have your wits about you at the worst possible time. Here is a list of things not to say at the scene of a car accident. Saying something you should not say can land you into a load of trouble, not to mention the fact it could cost you a lot, by the mere fact that you may not be entitled to compensation. 

Don’t Admit Liability or Apologize

Despite the fact that you may think it was your fault, do not say you are sorry or that you think it was your fault. You do not know the full story. Let the insurance companies figure out who’s fault it was. Do not cave into the bully tactics of the other driver who may be blaming you. Do not apologize to other drivers who may have been caught in a traffic jam either. All this can be used against you at a later time. 

Never Say You are Not Injured

Not all injuries are immediately apparent. Some may take a few days to a few weeks to show up. Random back or neck pain two weeks later is very likely to have occurred due to the accident. You could even be suffering from an internal bleed, which you do not know about at the time. 

Never Accept Anything 

Do not accept the situation as dictated by the other driver for one. You are far better off saying nothing. Also, do not accept any offers that come through too quickly. As stated before, you may have an injury you are unaware of yet.

Don’t Name Other People

Stick to the very basics. Do not go telling insurance companies, for example, the name of your doctors, friends, or relatives. If you are called to court, there is a chance you will have to provide information in relation to what you told these people. 

Do Not Say “I Think” 

Do not get into guessing work, do day you think this or that. This will confuse the situation and even yourself. You are far better off saying you don’t know.

Do Not Give an Official Statement

Your official statement needs to be given after the fact. Do not do this on scene. Seek advice from a car accident lawyer prior to giving any formal statement. This will give you the time to be fully in control of your emotions and the full facts of the case.

Don’t Say Anything

In fact, the very best course of action after a car accident is to say nothing, or as little as possible – i.e., Swapping insurance details, and that’s it.