The Value of Healthy Living Needs to be Communicated

Helen Lee Schifter is a health and wellness expert who regularly contributes to the broader dialogue of the need for there to be more of an emphasis placed on people prioritizing their personal health. What many don’t realize is that personal health is all encompassing, and even all interconnected and related. One’s emotional and mental health for instance, is absolutely connected and correlated to one’s physical health. This is a concept that does not get nearly enough attention. And that’s rather unfortunate, given the obvious ramifications that emerge as a result. 

According to many experts, this has been a subject that there has been a fundamental lack of education about among the general public. There needs to be a thorough communications channel built and developed that seeks to transmit this message to the public in a nimble and strategic manner. This sort of approach should be taught to our nation’s youth from a young age. The value that health and wellness, and leading a life that prioritizes one’s physical, emotional and mental health can have. 

Helen Lee Schifter has said that the importance of incorporating health and wellness into one’s daily routine needs to be emphasized beyond the current level of awareness that exists. It is in the public interest for there to be such a comprehensive understanding of the importance of health and wellness. The significance cannot possibly be diminished nor can it  be belittled. But we need to do this by raising awareness of the importance. How might one raise awareness?

Why not propose an influencer campaign of sorts – one that would include a slew of well regarded, well respected and prominent individuals across different demographics, that can communicate the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle to the general public. Such a campaign can have truly lasting and durable impact that’s overwhelmingly constructive. 

For example, among the youth demographic – depending on the geographic location where the demographic may be based (of young people), there might be a value to include music artists or film celebrities. These celebrities that have massive followings among younger people would then be able to share this important message with them in a way that’s coherent and understandable to them. 

But it’s of equal if not greater importance, for the message to be accessible by them. In order to ensure accessibility (especially as it  pertains to reaching American youth) social media vehicles and platforms need to be properly employed. That means celebrities and influencers who have Facebook and Twitter platforms with in some cases hundreds of thousands if not millions of followers should use this vehicles in order to communicate this message to the masses in a way that is condensed but also comprehensive. 

The content can be communicated to the public in video or textual form, according to Helen Schifter. For some video might be the most digestible way of consuming the information. For others, simple and direct messages with text in them would do the trick – perhaps even more effectively than using alternative media. This is an important fact to consider and also internalize in the prospect of pursuing any such campaign.

The ability to reach mass audiences has been maximized due to the proliferation and advancement of both the blogosphere and digital and social media platforms. But this can be used constructively – if approached with tact and strategy. For instance, in the case of getting a message as valuable and important as maintaining a healthy lifestyle out to the public, it  can be used as effective channels to ensure that young people are hearing the message. Under normative circumstances, an aggressive and costly advertising buy would have to be incorporated and involved, in order to reach people in such far-flung places, and remote locales and regions. But that’s no longer the case. The American people should wake up to the reality that we owe it  to our nation’s young people to educate them about the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle. 

Healthy doesn’t just mean watching what you eat; and ensuring that you’re working on a healthy regimen that involves a healthy diet. Instead, it involves fitness and working out in a consistent and responsible fashion. It  involves ensuring that you have a healthy work-life balance where your work is not all too onerous and burdensome. In the event that work is too burdensome and consuming, it  can have deleterious and adverse effects on one’s health. That’s not good; and that’s a paradigm model that needs to change.