The Health Benefits of Telling Your Story

telling your story

Everyone has a story inside of them to tell the world. Sadly, however, many people never get a chance to tell their truth as they fear the lack of time commitments, structure, and support system in order to accomplish this important life task. Technologies and communities have emerged, coupled with the right habits and mindset that you, dear reader can also unlock the hidden power of telling your story.

What might not be readily apparent from the onset are the numerous health benefits that occur in telling one’s story. Consider this: writing about important experiences that happened to you for as little as 15 minutes over the course of only 3 days can benefit your mental and physical health. Writing is like a muscle: small increments such as committing to writing every day or several times a week for 10 minutes a day is enough to get the your mindset into making a conscious habit. Shockingly, according to one study, people who write about upsetting life events are 1.7x more likely to heal wounds quickly.

Your story matters – get the help, community, and habits that you’ll need for the journey to unlock your hidden story and learn more in the visual deep dive below.

The Secret Power of Telling Your Story