Digital Health Takes Center Stage

digital health

The global pandemic reshaped a lot of the way we interact with the world around us. A particular industry that has seen dramatic changes is that of healthcare. The rapid acceleration of digital health has been brought to the forefront, especially in the world of telehealth and telemedicine.

Let’s examine 5 main trends that have emerged, according to a recent study by Real Chemistry:

1 – Doctors Have Become More Digital

It’s encouraging to see that 80% of doctors have been embracing health-related tech within their personal and / or professional lives.

2 – Physicians Who Are High Adopters of Technology Behave Differently

Your doctor that is tech aware is encouraged that they can provide you with better access to health information and ensure better monitoring.

3 – Patient Adoption of Digital is Transforming Healthcare

Patients can rejoice in a sense of owning and managing their own health.

4 – The Way Pharmaceutical Companies Interact With Physicians is Changing

This has been especially prevalent with the absence of many pharmaceutical representatives not visiting the office.

5 – Doctors and Patients Predict More Transformation Ahead

There’s an anticipation that digital health will continue to improve streamlining online scheduling, secure messaging, and patient portals.

Learn more about the top trends that have been leading the way in digital health in the visual deep dive below.

Acceleration of Digital Health