The Evolving World of Marketing and AI

marketing and ai

While business is always evolving it has become important to stay in touch with new technology. Technology is a driving force in business, currently, AI has been a source of technological advancements seen in business. One way AI has been helping businesses succeed is through marketing. This is called generative AI refers to an algorithm of existing content to create new content from. This content can be in the forms of audio, pictures, video, code, text, and simulations. Ultimately, the goal of generative AI is to teach technology to use learning systems to take what was already created and recreate something new. 

Marketing is an important job that is found across many industries. These industries include legal, financial, tech, retail, automotive, and pharmaceutical. For many of these industries using generative AI will open up many doors and opportunities for them. In the last five years the use of AI technology has more than doubled, and is continuing to grow. There are also many other benefits that can be found by using AI technology. For example, it can help advance business productivity. 

AI technology is currently a hug for innovation. Since 2000 there has been a 14 times increase in AI startups. Many of these startups have created tools that have provided more opportunities. The future is moving towards AI, this works as it is more easily accessible to both small businesses and large corporations. AI marketing is still evolving, but as it does more and more businesses are turning towards it for their marketing needs. 
Learn more about the relationship between marketing and AI in the infographic below:

How Generative AI is Changing Marketing