3 Health Benefits of IV Hydration Therapy

3 Health Benefits of IV Hydration Therapy

Did you know you can reduce anxiety, boost energy levels, facilitate weight loss, and more with IV hydration therapy? It’s something worth considering for your wellness regimen.

But how does the process work? IV therapy is a procedure where a medical professional hooks you up to an IV — similar to what you will find in a healthcare facility — and delivers medication, minerals, and nutrients directly into your bloodstream. By bypassing your stomach and entering your bloodstream, IV infusions are absorbed faster for quicker results.

Depending on the service provider you choose, you might also have the option of getting IV therapy in the comfort of your own home. So, if you’re nervous about doing it for the first time, a service provider can send a trained medical professional with IV hydration therapy equipment to your home. The medical professional will then hook you up to the IV equipment and perform the procedure in a safe and effective manner so that you start feeling better in no time.

But what benefits can you get? Keep reading for a look at three health benefits of IV therapy.

1. Improves Overall Well-Being

Your body requires the right quantity and mix of vitamins and minerals to function effectively. Depending on your diet, health profile, level of physical activity, and other things, you may or may not be getting enough vitamins and nutrients through what you eat and drink.

Using multivitamins offers some benefits, but not to the extent of IV therapy that goes directly into the bloodstream. When you consult with a provider of IV therapy, the service provider will ask the right questions to find out what IV therapy option is the right one for you.

You can get help to fight anxiety, strengthen immunity, elevate energy levels, fight fatigue, increase cognitive function, lower depression symptoms, and lower asthma symptoms. So, IV hydration therapy is something to consider if you’re concerned about overall well-being.

2. Facilitate Weight Loss

While IV therapy isn’t in and of itself a weight loss solution per se, it can help you shed some pounds. When you go to an IV therapy provider, you can get IV fluids filled with vitamins and nutrients that can help to facilitate the weight loss process. The IV fluids include hydrating fluids, lipotropics, and various vitamins and minerals to increase your metabolism. The IV fluids will be dripped into your bloodstream slowly for 30 minutes to one hour. When you combine IV therapy with a healthy lifestyle that includes eating right, exercising regularly, and maintaining an active lifestyle, you’ll see a change in your body.

3. Get Over a Hangover Faster

Spending a night out on the town with friends can be fun. But if you consume too many intoxicating drinks, you could pay for it at the rising of the sun. One study finds that around three in four people who drank too much the previous night had hangover symptoms in the morning. Unless you’re among the 25% to 30% of drinkers who might be resistant to hangovers, you’ll want to know how to get rid of these symptoms once they set in.

Alcohol is a diuretic. That means you can feel dehydrated after drinking too much. You can have hangover symptoms like headaches, nausea, muscle soreness, and excessive thirst.

The good news is that an IV therapy treatment can help you feel better sooner. That’s another reason to find a service provider that offers in-home service. You may be unable to drive to a healthcare facility for service due to a high blood alcohol level or hangover symptoms. So, having the healthcare provider come to you instead can answer your dilemma.

These are some of the health benefits you can enjoy if you book an IV hydration therapy treatment. You’re bound to find a service provider in your neck of the woods if you search IV therapy near me, and you can always book an in-home treatment if that option is available where you are. One thing no one’s ever complained about is having too much good health. So, it makes sense to explore ways to get better or maintain your good health.