Education Vision for Transfer Student Success

transfer success

Kentucky has laid out ways it is ensuring that students will succeed via transfer pathways. Students who transfer from community college to a university face benefits like the cost of college being reduced and earning a higher salary. Kentucky is cognizant of these successes and is working to ensure the increased growth and success of transfer students. Solutions have been laid out to improve transfer success. Some ways of doing this include having regular and proactive advising. Another solution is creating a transfer pathway, outlining major and career requirements. 

However, there are known drawbacks to the success of transfer pathways. While Kentucky has outlined solutions, it is important to understand the disparities in transfer student success. There is still a low percentage of students who will end up transferring to a university. Even fewer students who are Black, Hispanic, or of a low income are likely to successfully transfer. Another way that Kentucky is working on achieving the continued success of transfer student success is via early momentum milestones. These transfer plan milestones can increase the likelihood of students who transfer and complete a bachelor’s degree.

The path between Kentucky community colleges and universities is the prime way to ensure that students succeed. This is at the core of Kentucky’s vision of education attainment

Transfer success
Source: Kentucky Student Success Collaborative