The best cheap nightstands for organizing your health

Do you consider your health needs when shopping for new bedroom furniture? If not, you should. Most people have at least one health concern, no matter how minor, that requires them to keep track of medicine or ability aids. And, % of U.S. adults are on some type of maintenance medication, % of adults wear prescription or reading glasses, and % of adults fail to manage their medications consistently.

If you want to head off these issues and get organized so you can take care of yourself more easily, getting the right nightstand is the first step. You should look for cheap nightstands that offer some or all of the following:

  • Small drawers or cubbies for medications and a water tumbler
  • Safe storage for eyeglasses, reading glasses, hearing aids, and other ability devices near where you remove them
  • Slide-out beverage trays are perfect for those who may need additional space on occasion
  • Charging station for electronic devices used in managing your health

If you want to know where to buy cheap nightstands, look for these examples of high-quality nightstand offerings from online furniture stores.

Harvest Home chalkboard nightstand with charging station

As mentioned, a charging station is a must-have feature for the busy professional. Being able to place that charging station anywhere in the room that you wish makes it even more convenient. This nightstand can easily be used in other rooms as well and fits in with the rustic or farmhouse interior design styles. In addition to the charging station, this nightstand also offers a large drawer for the storage of medications, medical devices, nightwear, underthings, hosiery, or other delicate clothing items.

Heartland Antique White nightstand with charging station

This charging station works best in shabby chic, cottage, eclectic, or transitional spaces. This nightstand has just one small drawer for storage, perfect for stowing away eyeglasses, pad and pen, and medication. It also features two shelves that can be used for the devices you need to charge, other devices, books, or other items you use while lounging in bed.

Glacier Point Greystone nightstand

This more modern nightstand is great for those needing to organize their health while still keeping something to drink nearby. Many medications required for survival or health maintenance can cause cottonmouth over time. If you frequently experience dry mouth, you may have a need to keep a tumbler of water nearby.

A beverage pull-out tray works well for this purpose, while still keeping your other belongings safe from spills. It is also a good place to rest items that don’t normally stay near your bed so that the built-in shelves can be used to create your charging station.

Society Gray Nightstand

This is a contemporary nightstand that meets all of the needs of health-conscious adults. Its open shelf design makes it perfect for use as a charging station without taking away surface space needed for lamps and other items. There is one large drawer in the middle of the nightstand, perfect for organizing your prescriptions and other medical needs. The lower shelf is vented, making it a good option for someone who needs a C-PAP machine to sleep.