The Stress of Cyberattacks and Ransomware

It caIt can feel both lonely and overwhelming if you or your organization is hacked or victim of a USA crime. You might feel like you feel for an email phishing or other such attempt. How could I have clicked on such an obvious attack! You might exclaim to yourself. It’s not your fault – attacks are getting clever, masking as accounts payable and other such important notifications. And notifications, being so prevalent in our daily lives, it’s easy to click on the wrong thing by accident. 

The average person receives 63.5 notifications per day. That’s why it is useful to have artificial intelligence and machine learning helping you defend against threats that we either cannot see or there are too many attack vectors for us to think about at that moment.

It seems as if every day, there are security threats around us. The monetary costs from ransomware are expected to reach $20 billion dollars in 2021, and recovery costs reach nearly $2 million dollars per business in 2021.

You’re not the only one fighting a continuous stream of cyber threats out there. It’s time to step up your efforts and keep these cyber attacks at bay. Learn more about how humans and tech are here in perfect harmony to stop ransomware in the visual deep dive below:

Humans and tech are needed to stop ransomware