Simple Ways To Remove Pet Odors From Your Home

There are several reasons why you might want to remove pet odors from your home. You surely want to do this when you want to sell since such odors can easily turn off most potential homebuyers. And you might just want to do so because you do not like it. Regardless of the reason, if you want to remove pet odors, here are some great things you can try right now.

Air Out The Entire House

Whenever cleaning, a simple thing you can do is to open absolutely all your windows. This lets fresh air circulate. Believe it or not, most unpleasant scents will be removed like this. Then, after you get rid of the smells, you can do the necessary things to prevent the appearance of those bad odors. For instance, only allow the cat to walk around one floor or crate the dog.

Thoroughly Scrub Surfaces

If you have a pet, there is a pretty good possibility you should ditch the carpet in favor of tiles. This is because they are so much simpler to clean. You should scrub walls and floors that your pets soiled with some wood floor cleaner, odor-neutralizing products, or a solution with vinegar.

All of these are highly affordable. But, if the home is too large or you did not clean in a while, it is very important to hire professionals or to spend more on very high quality products.

Wash Upholstery And Drapes

Most people just think about the floor and the walls and they tend to forget about other fabrics. Pet odors can easily seep inside them. This is why it is a very good idea to steam clean your upholstered furniture. And when you have fabric window coverings, dry clean, steam clean, or launder them.

You can always buy steam cleaners that were created to help remove pet hair. One would cost around $200. Alternatively, you can hire a professional.

Carefully Clean Carpets

It is not enough to vacuum your carpets. You have to carefully clean them with shampoo and be sure you removed everything inside them. Based on how much filth is embedded and the size of the rug or carpet, professionals usually charge up to $50 per one room.

When deodorizing the home does not remove pet odors, padding and carpets need to go. Remove them and make sure you carefully scrub the subfloor underneath. Use odor-removing products or vinegar. Then, you can add new carpeting or padding.

Seal, Replace, Or Paint Walls

You can use heavy-duty cleaners to remove pet smells in woodwork, plaster, or drywall. However, when this does not work, you need to consider adding a new coat of stain or paint. Alternatively, you might even have to completely replace the wood or drywall.

If you need to work on cement or brick, sealants should be used based on the surface you cover. The sealant is able to seal and smother odors in many cases.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, the options highlighted above are very effective. However, you might find yourself in the unwanted situation in which whatever you do, the pet odors do not disappear. If this is the case for you, the best thing to do is to contact a professional. This is definitely something that is going to guarantee all pet odors are removed.