Should Social Media Be Deleted For Wellness Purposes

James River Capital

As social media becomes more and more substantial in the daily routines of many, it’s hard to separate from it. My marketers use social media as a way to reach greater audiences and make money off of advertisements. Helen Lee Schifter likes to separate herself from the fuss of online engagement because it’s bad for her personal wellness. Many women are constantly comparing themselves to ideal body types instead of focusing on themselves. 

It can be very difficult to find this balance because each of us want to be prominent on social media. The amount of time spent on apps is recorded by the developers. The artificial intelligence encoded in everyone’s phone knows exactly what a person likes, dislikes, wears, drinks, etc. It’s all recorded and stored for advertisers to market on. The psychology that goes with being on social media is simple. There are so many ways developers have found their algorithms to produce engaging content that doesn’t lose the viewer’s interest. It is so specified to the user that it’s almost creepy. That’s why social media breaks are very critical. Of course, Helen Lee Schifter uses her phone for emergencies but these breaks should go uninterrupted. Social media should not control us, we should control it.