Is Fresh Air Good For Your Mental Health?

Having a daily dose of fresh oxygen has a multitude of positive benefits on mental health. By disconnecting from devices and being present, personal wellness can seriously increase. Experts like Helen Lee Schifter go outside every day. This helps increase mindfulness and also helps keep the body fit. 

Nature can be very healing. For millions of years, organisms survived because of the healing properties of natural poses. Taking time away from social media and digital screens is very important for all professionals. If the possibility presents itself, working outside is highly recommended. The fresh air can give a person a much stronger mental focus and even improves digestion.Humans used to have a lot fewer resources than we do now. Ever been stuck in a room for so long and then as soon as you go outside you say, “Ah, the fresh air feels good”. Why is that? No one taught that reaction to you. It’s just your body lusting for the need of not polluted and ventilated air. Helen Lee Schifter urges people to keep their windows constantly open so fresh air can be flowing in and out of homes and workspaces.