Replacement Lenses Could be Beneficial for Your Health

future of eyewear

Roughly 126 million Americans wear eyeglasses, and out of those 126 million wearers, no one has the same needs. Getting the right pair of eyeglasses is important not only for comfort, but for overall health. Problems like eye strain, irritation, and even migraines can be solved by finding the right kind of lenses.

Eyewear providers are making personalized lenses more affordable for the average consumer. Especially after the pandemic, there was a steep increase in the need for eyewear with more people staring at screens for longer periods of time. This caused a greater need for personalized lenses that could combat the larger amounts of blue light that was causing dryness and irritation in eyewear users. 

To satisfy this need, eyewear providers now supply lenses that can specially filter blue light and light adaptive lenses that can help reduce dryness and irritation in the eyes. People who suffer from migraines can benefit from specific lenses, specifically light filtering lenses. Glasses are no longer just being used to correct vision, but are targeting specific problem areas to help improve general comfort and health. 

Finding the right pair of lenses can be difficult, but with the changing demand of the market, eyewear providers are switching to an easier method of online ordering. This makes finding the right pair of lenses accessible from one’s own home! Personalized lenses can be the first step into solving common problems like eye strain, and now with the accessibility of ordering lenses online, it has never been easier to take the first steps to improving eye health and overall comfort.

Learn more about replacement lenses and other lens options for your health in the infographic below:

Looking Up. The Future of Eyewear Is Shining Bright