How You Can Recover Efficiently From A Tough Workout

The aspect that some people do not understand that have not participated in sports at a high level is the importance of recovery. People that train daily understand this though as a lack of recovery time can lead to plateaus or to performance suffering. Recovery differs depending on the type of exercise that you took part in. The following are tips to help you recover from a tough workout to come back stronger the next day. 

Alternating From A Hot Tub To A Cold Tub

Most people have seen those athletes that jump into a tub of ice. This is not a pleasurable experience as any athlete will be able to tell you. You can help reduce inflammation which is especially important if you play a sport. Injuries happen outside of performing due to being too tired to use the appropriate technique. Finding a hot tub should not be difficult and all you need is to fill up a large cooler with ice and water for a cold tub. 

Don’t Target The Same Muscles Daily 

This goes for people lifting weights as people in endurance sports like running or swimming have to do this daily to be elite. Even these athletes have vastly different workouts day after day. This can include sprinting one day then having a nice recovery swim/run the next. You do not want to fall victim to an overuse injury or hurt yourself due to exhaustion from a lack of recovery time. Understanding your body is important as people’s bodies differ and take care of their bodies outside of the gym very different ways. 

Eat During Your Recovery Window

You need to use your supplements and eat what you need to within 45 minutes of your workout. This can help immensely when it comes to recovery as it helps feed the muscles during the anabolic period. Chocolate milk is actually great for endurance athletes as it has the perfect ratio of protein to carbs. Taking BCAA or branch chain amino acids will help as well. Your supplements should include nutrients or vitamins that you don’t get in your daily diet. 

Recovery Workouts

You don’t need to hit the gym or exercise as hard as you can all of the time. Recovery workouts weekly or a day where you take it easy but still exercise can be important. Unloading is what a number of people that lift weights might call it and taper is what athletes could call it. These workouts can be great as you don’t have to really focus intensely. If you love what you are doing, this can be fun rather than something you might be dreading like a day when you know you are going to hit it hard. 

Recovery can allow you to stay consistent whenever you exercise. A lack of dedication to recovery can lead to plateaus that you won’t be able to overcome. Take your fitness to the next level with an approach that allows you to come back day after day and put in a great effort.