My Favorite Restaurants in Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, there are many great places to eat. There is food for every taste and everyone will find something that they like. Helen Lee Schifter likes to get out on the scene and try different foods. She has found many great places to eat. These are some of the restaurants that Schifter likes to visit while in Los Angeles.

Broad Street Oyster Company

This is one of the best places to get some seafood. It is laid back and there are still some great dishes. The lobster roll is tasty and is one of the best sellers. The fried oysters are also something that a person should try when they are here.

Tacos Los Palomos

This is an authentic taco place that will serve some of the favorites. This place serves some great burritos, carne asada, and other foods with plenty of flavors. There are new locations opening in different areas of the city so a person does not have to be without their tacos for long.


This is a French restaurant that has some great dishes. The food served here is French meets California. There is a menu where a person can sample different dishes. The food is presented in an attractive manner. One of the best things to eat here is the grilled dry aged ribeye with a side of fingerling potatoes.

John and Vinny’s Brentwood

This establishment is bright and welcoming. It is a place where all of the locals go to have a good meal. The food here is Italian and American. There are some interesting combinations. For breakfast, there is the breakfast bombolone. There is homemade pizza and fresh mozzarella sticks. A person has to try the spicy fusilli and they will get a new take on Italian dishes.

Big Boi

This dessert shop also serves some sweet dishes. The food here is inspirited by Filipino cooking. The rice with the pancit has a nice savory and sweet taste. The lumpia shanghai is one of the best appetizers that a person can order. They can follow this up with Filipino spaghetti for a complete meal.

Birrieria Apatzingan

This is some classic soul food. A person can get some stewed goat which is very tasty. There is food that is served with thick corn tortillas to make this meal filling. The pork rib is also one of the best dishes that cook all day.

Casa Vega

This is a great Mexican place that has become famous for the red broths and the margaritas. The atmosphere is calm and relaxed. There is plenty of outside seating for those that will feel more comfortable being outdoors. The booths inside are slowly reopening so that more guests can enjoy the food and the drinks here.

These are some of Helen Lee Schifter’s favorite places to eat in Los Angeles. They will allow a person to know they are getting a good dish and they are for many diverse tastes.