Importance of Limiting Sun Exposure

Sun provides the vitamin D that is crucial for the human body. However, too much of it without protecting the skin could cause some hazardous skin diseases and damage. From an aesthetic perspective, too many UV rays will age skin faster than if sun exposure was limited and protected with an SPF product. Always consider the effects of the sun if it is hot outside.

However, it is not only the aging process that overexposure creates. The American Cancer Society writes that skin cancer is a severe illness that affects about 3.3 million Americans each year. If caught early, this cancer, also known as Basal and Squamous Cell Skin Cancer, can be treated and cured more often than not.

Learning How to Reduce Exposure to Sun and Light

When discussing a body’s well-being, a person interviewed on the subject is Helen Lee Schifter. If only familiar with her spiritual attributes, it may surprise some that she is a former trader on Wall Street and editor of publications through Hearst and Conde Nast. These days she has transformed her image to solely concentrating on living well after becoming interested in the Japanese tea ceremony-Chanoyu. She has committed herself to practice its history and philosophy.

Through her journey, her insights into living well and what that entails have increased immensely. Mrs. Schifter has discussed learning the art of reflection and discovering a valid and positive existence through meditation and yoga during her process. And by also realizing the harsh realities of the outside world-mainly the environmental disparities and how they play a role in living a healthy, long life.

Therefore, when asked about her top concerns, Helen Schifter does not hesitate to mention the environment and the importance of sustainability as a key to reducing the deterioration of the ozone layer that protects us from harmful UV rays.

Even though the sun is the harshest of lighting, Helen believes that it is crucial to eliminate all types of bright lighting. She practices staying away from any light that can be harmful to the aesthetics of the body and soul—reducing this type of light by not standing in a room with spotlights—not partaking in tanning beds, and using lampshades in the home to cut out overexposure. These are all ways to counteract the harmful effects of too much light exposure.


The topic of limiting sun exposure is a meaningful conversation that needs to be talked about more often. It is beneficial for the world to keep up with the harmful consequences of too much sun and light exposure. It could also be a positive practice to study spiritual and well-being gurus like Helen Lee Schifter, who take the time to research and reflect on how that could substantially minimize the unhealthy effects too much sunlight has on the entire body. Although sunshine promotes an increase in Serotonin and can boost moods, too much can still cause cancer and premature aging. It is pertinent to become educated on the dos and don’ts of sun and light exposure and abide by those rules to find a healthy balance.