How to Handle Back Pain

In this day and age, everyone has felt some level of annoying back pain. It can range from being a relatively harmless nuisance to being downright debilitating which makes it all the more necessary to take care of but how exactly is a person supposed to handle their back pain? There are a variety of solutions for a variety of different people throughout the world and it is best to see what works well for every individual as issues come up. That being said, if back pain is absolutely debilitating and prevents day to day tasks it is always important to check up with a doctor in case there is something more going on. Shalom Lamm is offering advice on how people can properly handle back pain. 

A great place to start when it concerns any sort of bodily pain but especially back pain, is stretching out the body. There are numerous back stretches such as the seated spinal twists, simply touching one’s toes as well as the infamous yoga pose, Child’s Pose. These are just a few simple stretches that can help relieve back pain however, there are many many more stretches out there and it is important to find the right stretch for the right sort of pain.

Stretching is a great way to relieve pain but it can also be physically demanding at times which is why another solution for back pain can be devices or products out on the market. Think of devices such as heating pads which provide specific areas with heat that can work to loosen up tight areas, increase range of motion and ultimately relieve pain in these areas. Even busy people such as Shalom Lamm, the brilliant mind that created the non-profit organization Benjamin Project,uses a heating pad to help deal with his back pain. As mentioned before, back pain is something that numerous people can be forced to deal with.

Heating pads help the physical muscles loosen up over a period of time; however, what if the issue that’s causing the back pain isn’t entirely physical. Stress is the ultimate killer in the world and as global lifestyles become more fast paced, physical problems will occur a lot more often which is why a big help in the fight against back pain is relaxation. If someone is having a long day sitting in a bad position for long periods of time, try to take a hot bath after the work day is done and see what happens. Mental health is just as important as physical health after all.

In some cases for more extreme back pain it may be in one’s best interest to use over the counter pain medication such as Ibuprofen. Medication can be combined with other forms of relief such as the ones mentioned above; however, it is important to always remember to consult a doctor in case the back pain is debilitating and prevents day to day activities. There are some cases where back pain may seem simple and people may brush it off as being something relatively harmless but this is not always the case. Just remember that it is never a bad idea to visit a doctor’s office for some extra help.