How Health Can Change Based Off: Added Sugar

It is difficult not to indulge in added sugar every once in a while. However, given that added sugar is not very good for the human body, it makes it an easy decision as to why to cut it out. Sugar is found in many foods originally. This includes fruits like strawberries and pineapple, as well as, vegetables, cheese, milk, and even some grains. Those are the types of sugars our bodies crave as forms of energy. Overdoing it in fruit is a lot better than overdoing it with candy. Processed syrups and sugars are extremist bad for our digestive system, arteries, blood, and overall health. There are so many products that have added sugar and don’t seem as if they would. For example, ketchup, sauces, bread, yogurts, dressings for salads, ice teas, and many more items have a sustainable amount of processed sugars. It’s critical that when a person is grocery shopping or picking out their items, they look beyond the pretty packaging. By law, the packing must say and include the ingredients of a given product. That included how many grams of sugar are included. Although an apple might have twenty grams of sugar, a small pack of candy might top that and have added fat and calories that are not good for the body. The more people pay attention to these facts, the better chance they have a living a more healthy life. The reason that people need to cut out these sugars is due to the extreme deficit they have in the long run. The high intake of processed sugars can result in the formation of diabetes. This is a disease that is very difficult to cure after it is strained. It is when the blood glucose levels are extremely high which in turn stops the body from making insulin. Without insulin, the body cannot make glucose into energy for cells thus killing the body from the inside. There are types of diabetes that vary on the symptoms a person is having. For example, gestational diabetes is when high blood sugars are affecting a woman who is pregnant. Then of course pre-diabetics have high blood sugar but can still decrease it in time to balance insulin levels. This can be done by weight management, intake of less sugar, and exercises. Type one diabetes is in which insulin production is low, versus Type two where there is no production at all. This can be determined in the long run, especially during a time like this. With COVID-19 cases rising, those who have diabetes or high blood sugar are much more prone to getting sick. If a person does contract the virus in some way, then there is an obvious realization that the illness will be much harder to fight off. Those like Alex Djerassi recommend wearing masks during the pandemic. This is the best way to protect oneself and others around you from contracting the illness. It’s obvious that many people eat sugar in high quantities, but the sooner one starts taking care of themselves the better chance they have at a healthy future.