The Five Benefits Of Using CrueltyFree Makeup and Beauty Brands Over Other Products And Services

Did you know that you do not have to be a member of PETA to enjoy cruelty-free makeup and other beauty brands? You can enjoy these products without making some kind of statement over it. We will discover the five benefits below. Helen Lee Schifter highly recommends taking a break from using makeup or trying these products below.

1) In general, it is healthier. Did you know that when you test products on animals, you end up ingesting certain dyes and sulfates? The products are much better for your skin. That means you get fewer breakouts or irritations. You could also have some allergic reactions to some of the products.

Some company officials do not disclose when they test on animals. Those companies could be opening the doors to people getting hurt by those products. Now, whether or not these companies do this on purpose is a totally different discussion.

The point is, you are going to be much healthier and safer when using a beauty brand that does not involve animal testing.

2) This opens the doors to better products up and down across the aisle. Fewer choices(in the makeup aisle) mean a better decision is being made by the public. That also means the company officials will make better choices about what products they decide to mass-produce for the public.

Bathroom clutter and packing the drawers will be a thing of the past.

3) The products are tested more than once to twice. Some of the mass-produced brands that are not as healthy go through just one test, That is not what happens here. Vigorous testing is ongoing. That also means a more sustainable product.

A sustainable product is a driving force when it comes to personal care products.

4) There is power in change. Some company officials stop listening to the people who put them there. They only put out the products that bring in the most cash(cash cows). Using this type of product is something new and different, It also has the power to move others to make the same change.

Some people buy based on what they know or what others tell them. This can all change with just one choice. Bringing out other(more different choices) gives people a new perspective for a brand. It gives them something new to consider, compared to the same-old, same-old. Sometimes you need that new perspective(even with a personal care product)to sway you into something better.

5) It saves you money in the long run. Think about all the money you spend on all that unnecessary personal care at home. How much of it do you actually use? How much of it did you buy because someone else did?

Buying personal care items that come cruelty-free will decrease the amount of money you spend. The less clutter you have at home, the better off you will be. A healthy life is a not-so cluttered life. Follow the advice of wellness specialists like Helen Lee Schifter, because the lives of animals should not be questions for lipstick or bush.