Health and Wellness Matter in the Corporate World

people joining hands in a meeting

Ken Kurson will tell you that there are many in the corporate world who do not prize their health nor their wellness as much as they should. This is an important issue that needs to be established, as it’s a fundamental diagnosis to many major issues plaguing America – both within and outside the confines of the corporate boardroom.

Entrepreneurs like Ken Kurson have worked in a variety of different venues and industries. In the process, such entrepreneurs have seen what many on the outside aren’t necessarily privy to. And that is, a thorough dedication and devotion to one’s work-product, and the success of one’s business and venture – no matter the industry. But by the same token, they’ve also seen much neglected within the rise of the corporate ranks for many.

Shalom Lamm has similar experiences in this way. The real estate industry and the media industries operate the same way in terms of the passion that so many dedicated professionals have in both industries. Indeed it is a very noble and some would say idealistic. We want people to be dedicated to their professional and career pursuits. We want people to feel a sense of belonging in their workplace. And of course, indeed we want people to thrive wherever they may work, and pursue their dreams.

But at what expense? At long last, according to Shalom Lamm, it is finally time to posit this important question. Prioritization matters; and in business and professional life many of us have failed to consider the proper order of priorities that should exist sequentially. This is an unfortunate reality that it’s time for us to finally embrace and come to terms with.

So how can things change? This is by no means an impossible hurdle that can’t be overcome. On the contrary, there are so many different ways that health and wellness can be incorporated into professionals’ lives in a way that makes them both feel that they are motivated in the workplace, but also meaningful. Leading a healthy lifestyle is one that will ultimately reap tremendous rewards and benefits in a collective way for people, in the long-term.

There are no short-term fixes when it comes to healthcare problems. Indeed, although one can suffer from all sorts of health ailments and cause irreversible damage to one’s health in a relatively quick and short period of time, the process of rebuilding that health is incredibly rigorous. There is no short-cut to good health. For that reason, health and wellness must be incorporated into people’s lifestyles from an early age. And certainly, from at least the time they join and enter the workforce.

So where can people be educated to learn about the importance of incorporating health and wellness into their everyday lives and routines? Of course, this is an educational process that should start within the confines of the classroom. But by no means should it end there. Instead, it should continue permeating the confines of those same classrooms and out into the real world.

There are fundamental core values to health and wellness like fitness, exercise and maintaining a healthy diet that can be adapted to one’s life in a relatively swift fashion. But people have to be careful to be consistent in the way they seek to pursue these ends. When it comes to fitness for instance, don’t work-out on an irregular basis, nor an inconsistent basis. Instead, one should workout as regularly and frequently as humanly possible.

Consistency is truly the key to creating a healthier lifestyle. And the same is true of dieting. One needs to watch what they eat no matter their age, or where they are. Certainly the older one becomes, the more evident the deleterious and adverse consequences of bad consumption habits become. But let’s start this education process as early on in people’s lives as humanly possible. And not wait until they enter the workforce. This way, it’ll surely prove more fulfilling, rewarding and most importantly – effective.