Getting into Shape During COVID-19: Tips to Succeed This Year

The beginning of the year comes with promises to get into better shape than the previous year. Usually this means going to the gym more frequently and a change to a healthier diet. Hitting the gym is not as simple during COVID-19 as there are a number of gyms closed across the country. Others might not be comfortable with going to the gym as not all members respect social distancing restrictions. There might be some extra steps to take but it will be worth it to get into great shape. Below are tips to get fit during COVID-19. 

Meal Prep 

Meal prepping is something for those people that are busy during the week with work. Remote work is commonplace in today’s world with a large percentage of people working remotely for the foreseeable future. Meal prepping shouldn’t be too difficult as you simply have to put ingredients together then bake, add dressing, or put in the microwave. Putting together a meal plan is going to be important as it can be easy to eat in an unhealthy manner even when cooking. If trying to lose weight, you should weigh your food so you get an accurate measurement of your caloric intake. You want to lose weight slowly rather than suddenly as sudden weight loss can be unhealthy. 

Invest in a Stationary Bike 

Exercising in the morning can allow you to get the day started correctly. If you are working remotely, you can immediately start work and be productive. Others might take a few hours to get into the full swing of things or require multiple cups of coffee. The stationary bike can actually allow you to clear your emails or set your agenda for the day while exercising. Stationary bikes differ in price as a Peloton can cost thousands of dollars while simpler bikes cost a few hundred dollars. Replacing your time sitting on the couch with riding a stationary bike can allow you to get in great shape in just a few months. You can train for long actual bike rides that you can take on weekends to stay active. 

Try Yoga  

Yoga can be a perfect way to unwind after a long day at work. Yoga is known for its physical benefits as well as mental benefits. Destressing is possible through yoga and all types of exercise. The ability to clear your mind to focus on movements and your breathing can help your mental health. Yoga is going to vary in difficulty, so whether you are a beginner or at a more advanced level, the poses can be tailored to any level. All you will need is a mat and yoga block for those that are just starting out or understand their physical limitations. Take your time to try a few different classes to help find the best class for you. Yoga teacher training varies by yoga school so try multiple teachers. You could find that one brings more energy to a session than another. 

The most important aspect of getting into shape this year is setting realistic goals. Setting wild goals can lead you to fail then lose motivation to stay healthy. You want to set smaller goals on the way to your ultimate goal as milestones.