My Daily Routine

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This is a glimpse into Shalom Lamm‘s day to day routine. He normally wakes up early as the sun rises. His days tend to start off with a long walk outside to enjoy some sunlight and some light movement. He likes to greet his neighbors on their daily walks as they pass one another on the sidewalk. After he returns from his walk, he cooks a healthy breakfast and makes a cup of coffee. Normally he makes scrambled eggs with cheese and makes fresh coffee with his French press. He then reads the news in order to stay up to date on current events. After that, he settles in and works from his computer. He also makes any calls that need his attention. When he reaches a good stopping point, and all of his tasks have been taken care of, he makes a light lunch. Usually he eats a sandwich, salad, or both. Sometimes he orders delivery from his favorite restaurants for a treat. While he eats his lunch he watches the news and video calls his family members to chat. 

Once he has had his lunch, he takes another walk to digest and enjoy the outdoors. When he returns home, he likes to do an at home workout to stay limber, get blood flowing, and to ward off any bodily harm that comes with inactivity. His favorite workout is one with weights and an upbeat pace. Once his workout is complete, he has a snack that contains protein in order to build muscle and get the most out of his efforts. Spending time with family is very important to him. After he gets more work done, he decides what he will make for dinner. This is his  favorite part of the day. Preparing dinner for himself and his family brings him great joy and satisfaction. Sometimes he uses a cookbook to find a recipe, and sometimes he searches the many food blogs that exist on the internet.
 Once he has chosen a recipe, he looks through the list of ingredients required. If he does not have all of the ingredients on hand, he runs to the grocery store to complete the list of ingredients. When he has everything together, he takes his time measuring each component with care, especially if he is working with a new recipe. As he cooks, he calls his family to let them know when dinner will be ready in order to make sure they will arrive on time. Other than the main course, he also usually prepares a salad and dessert. His family loves to visit for dinner and enjoy the entrepreneur’s cooking, and they tend to stay a few hours, visiting with one another. His younger family members help wash the dishes and put them away as a sign of respect and gratitude. Once the kitchen is clean and the family leaves, he usually relaxes with a book before heading to bed.