Five Ways to Prevent Baby Rashes

Welcome to parenthood, where your life consists of changing diapers, waking up at midnight and experiencing one of the biggest joys in life—your new-born child!

Coming with your bundle of joy is a whole lot of diapers and, inevitably, diaper rash!

One of the main reasons that baby rashes occur in the first place is because they have extremely soft and sensitive skin. When you combine that with a wet diaper, their skin is bound to become irritated and inflamed.

Baby rashes vary, but they generally come with signs of red bumps on the area of skin near the diaper.

But not to fear, this is nothing out of the norm, considering that babies wear nearly 100 diapers a week. So of course, they are bound to get some sort of baby rash from the diapers. But not to fear, as there is a lot of great advice out there on how to minimize and even prevent baby rashes from occurring at all.

As parents, we want the best for our children. So of course, we want them to experience a pain- free life and not having to deal with any discomfort—including baby rashes!

To help you do your parent duties and prevent baby rashes, here are five expert tips you should try.

1.       Change the diaper as much as possible

Especially with newborns, chancing their diaper as much as possible helps minimize any irritation from settling in on their ultra-sensitive skin. It is okay if you go through a dozen a day in the beginning—it beats having to deal with your screaming baby in pain from their rash.

 2.       Try giving them soothing ointments

Pre-empting irritation will work wonders from minimizing baby rashes from fulling setting in. You can do this through a range of baby balm ointments that you can place on their sensitive skin in between each diaper change.

3.       Experiment with diaper brands

Each baby is different, so they will react differently to various diaper brands. If your child is suffering from a constant baby rash, it might be time to try a new brand to see if it makes a difference. Many babies who are hyper-sensitive to diapers often cope better with alternative cloth diapers as it is kinder to the skin.

4.       Try going diaper-free

Obviously not forever, but give your child’s skin time to breathe in-between diaper changes. Wearing a diaper 24/7 is not ideal for any type of skin and your baby will likely enjoy the fresh breeze of being naked for a little bit. Plus, naked babies always look super cute!

5.       Consider your baby’s diet

Often diet goes hand in hand with skin irritation. If your baby is still suffering from ongoing rashes, consider experimenting by replacing various foods and see if their skin and acidity in their urine changes. This could have drastic impacts on how their skin reacts! Often it is acidic food that causes the most problems, so try that food group first—especially tomatoes.

We know you love your child and want the best for them. So, this is great news in knowing there are various ways to alleviate baby rashes. From changing the frequency of how often you change their diaper to giving them baby balm, trying out different diaper brands, adjusting their diet, and even going diaper-free, your baby will be enjoying a rash-free childhood soon.

All of these adjustments can be made in coordination with one another, so you do not just have to try one solution at a time. Chances are, many will compliment each other and further create happier skin for your child. Say goodbye to having to deal with any more baby rashes!