What are the Best Types of Masks to Wear?

In the slowdown of the COVID-19 pandemic, as everyone is beginning to get their vaccines, it is important to still work to stay safe, keep others safe, and above all, wear a mask regularly. There are a few different types of masks and ways to wear them, allowing one to choose the most comfortable while also allowing themselves to continue to stay safe, as everyone, including public figures such as Diego Ruiz Duran, aim to do.

Medical Masks

Popular from the beginning of this pandemic, medical masks have been an easy, disposable option to keeping yourself safe. These masks are often used in hospital settings by doctors and nurses, allowing them to breathe safely through an integrated filter. Wearing this filter is a barrier between water droplets and other germ carrying particles, preventing them from entering someone’s nose or mouth, and preventing the spread of COVID-19.

K-N95 Masks

K-N95 masks are another type of mask that features a thicker filter, working to, again, prevent water droplets and germs from both exiting and entering the wearer’s mouth and nose from both sides of the mask. These masks also feature a design that is more outward, allowing the mask to not touch their nostrils or lips like a more flush mask would.

Cotton Masks

The masks that are being sold in stores such as Joann Fabrics and Target are cotton fabric masks. These are a less protective mask option, as they do not have a filter built in. In some cases, these masks are made with a pocket sewn in, allowing anyone to place their own filter inside. Since these masks are cotton and made from fabric, they are washable and reusable, which is much better for the environment and creates less waste than a reusable mask would.

Double Masking

Not a type of mask but more a style of wearing them is the process of double masking. With talk of new variants of the Coronavirus, it has become more and more important to stop the spread of the virus and work harder to prevent particles moving in and out of the mask area. Double masking is often done when a medical mask, either the thin option or a K-N95 mask, is put on first, followed by a cotton fabric mask on top. What this does is gives the benefits of both masks, providing a filter while also giving an extra barrier with the cotton mask.

Wearing a Mask is the Most Important Aspect to Stopping the Spread

With the benefits of each mask, allowing for people to pick and choose what is most comfortable for them personally. No matter the mask or masks chosen, wearing any mask is going to help in preventing the spread of COVID-19. Whenever one finds themselves in a public area, they should be wearing a mask in order to protect themselves and those around them. As public figures like Diego Ruiz Duran does, wear the mask that is most comfortable in order to stop the spread.