Dogs Can Keep You Healthy

According to a recent study by Harvard University, having a dog may help your heart. While having a dog won’t automatically protect you from things like hypertension, there is a growing body of evidence that a dog might help you to live longer because of a healthier heart. Several essential supporting factors support the point that having a pet, especially a dog leads to a better cardiovascular system.

Better Circulation Through Exercise

Anyone who’s owned a dog will know that walking them is a necessity. The Mayo Clinic notes that having a dog usually results in a more physically active owner because of the scheduled walks they have to take. As far as cardiovascular health goes, increased activity helps to keep blood vessels clear of plaque. It also puts your heart through its paces so that it can remain healthy when exerting yourself. Both of these are important to ensure that your heart doesn’t just give out when you decide to put yourself through strenuous activity.

Lower Blood Sugar Levels

Another side effect of taking your dog for a walk includes the lowered blood sugar levels in your body. Diabetes is a lifestyle disease that affects an enormous amount of people in the world. Reduced blood pressure helps to regulate the occurrence of type-2 diabetes. Additionally, the activity allows the muscles in the body to make use of carbohydrates more effectively. This efficiency results in a lower incidence of obesity in adults as well. When you got a dog, it’s unlikely you’d have thought that they were keeping you healthy by making you run around, but that’s what the results show. Most health professionals would inform you that obesity is rampant in the US. Any way that you could avoid becoming a victim of this condition, you should take it.

Lower Stress Levels

Probably the most apparent benefit that dogs bring to their owners is a lower level of stress. Studies have related that dogs tend to help humans deal with stressful situations much more manageable. That emotional bond between an owner and their dog is unique. It helps a dog owner to deal with real-life stress in a healthier way. They can decrease your feelings of loneliness and even give you more of a purpose in life, feeling as refreshed as a wellness trip in Iceland . Some older owners have their dogs as one of their primary motivators in their lives. Seeing how people interact with their dogs can be heartwarming.

Save Your Dog, So They Can Save You

Your dog won’t make you eat better or force you to get proper sleep, but they will help you as much as they can. Keeping them healthy should be among your main concerns as an owner. Preventative care at facilities such as Pharr Road Animal Hospital can give you professional advice and procedures to ensure your dog has a long, healthy, and happy life. Dogs can bring a smile to your face and keep you safe from an early grave. Don’t you think you should spend some time taking care of them in return?