Is Yoga Beneficial to Long Term Wellness

Yoga is a gift. There are so many benefits to participating in Yoga exercise. It ranges from minimal impact to high cardiovascular impact. In regards to long term wellness, Yoga can aide with anxiety, stress, back pain, shoulder pain, leg pain, and muscle aches. So much comes from the art of yoga which is why wellness expert Helen Lee Schifter recommends it so much. 

It may look easy but yoga can be very challenging with beginners. It takes a lot of flexibility which does not happen overnight. Being able to concentrate the body on swift and calm moments is also not easy but very beneficial. It can help clear the mind and even improve breathing patterns. Also, there is a type of yoga that is specialized in sleep. By doing a twenty-minute stretch exercise prior to a person’s bedtime, the body can be fully relaxed of any tensions and knots. It’s a beautiful practice and can be done anywhere. A matt is recommended but even a sliver of carpet will do. According to Helen Lee Schifter, yoga can be transformational and beneficial to anyone.