Do Masks Help Stop COVID-19

Masks are very effective when it comes to stopping the spread of the virus. When a person has COVID-19 and is unaware, the cloth face mask can help prevent germs from spreading onto another person. Ideally, doctors like Benjamin Harow suggest that if one were to contract COVID, they are to stay indoors and isolate for at least fourteen days. However, obviously, people don’t do that as much as they should. 

These masks should be regularly worn to stop the spread of the virus. It can make it difficult to transmit germs from coughs, sneezes, and even talking. Since this is an airborne illness it is incredibly important to take into account, other people. If everyone were to wear a mask, many people would be saved from ever having to take on the illness.Of course, hospitals, healthcare clinics, and shops require masks because they know it is the medically correct practice to follow. Many states don’t understand how critical wearing masks can be. Since there is not yet a vaccine, this is the only way to prevent the spread. Doctors like Benjamin Harow highly suggest masks to be worn in public.