Best Vitamins for Children

Children need a substantial amount of vitamins and minerals. Doctors such as Cory Harow, suggest that children can take vitamins as young as six months. This is because when a child’s brain and body are developing, they need to have the right amount of support to assist them in growth. Vitamins such as A, C, and D, are the best for younger children to take.

Of course, a balanced diet is the most substantial way to include these vitamins into a child’s day to day lifestyle. However, if the child is a picky eater, supplements might be the answer. A multi-vitamins that can come in the form of a gummy is one of the most innovative ways people get their children to stay healthy. Overall, if vitamins are very important for development purposes. In addition, it can help regulate weight and high sugar levels. A lot of the food children eat is highly processed and topped with chemicals. That is why people like Cory Harow suggest that these vitamins need to be taken by children on a daily basis.