Corporate Gifting and Your Brand Health

corporate gifting

Corporate gifting is a powerful tool.  It builds relationships and creates opportunities, with studies showing that 66% of people will remember a company one year after receiving a gift.  Corporate gifts generate an immediate emotional connection between a brand and its customers, similar to brand archetypes.  Taking advantage of gifting and archetypes is crucial to creating a genuine and compelling brand. 

In fact, corporate gifting and brand archetypes work together.  Once you have an archetype selected, you can send gifts that fortify the archetype’s values.  There are 12 main archetypes.  Some of these include the sage, the creator, and the ruler.  The sage archetype values understanding, so a company embodying the sage should share that value, both in its marketing and in its corporate gifts. 

Regards provides corporate gifting services to companies in need, and may be a helpful resource if your company is struggling to find its voice.  Regards takes a thoughtful approach to gifting, examining a brand’s archetype and finding a meaningful gift based on it.  For instance, Regards suggests that the sage archetype gives its customers a Moleskine smart writing set, which encompasses the ideas of writing, research, and knowledge. 

Corporate gifting and brand archetypes mingle together, both providing corporations with invaluable authenticity and nuances.  If you want to expand your company, take an intentional look at your values and how you can institutionalize them in your brand.

Choosing the right gifts for your brand archetype