Top 10 Cleaning Hacks for Vital Oxide

Did you know there are a ton of different ways to use Vital Oxide? In this article, we explore the top 10 ways to use Vital Oxide for your home, your family, your office, your restaurant, and more! Discover how many different ways our eco-friendly disinfectant can help you.

What Is Vital Oxide, and What Is It Used For?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Vital Oxide became one of the most trusted brands across Canada to kill up to 99.99999% of germs and viruses. Our innovative eco-friendly sanitizer is effective against germs and viruses, and completely safe for your home, family, office, or wherever you need it the most. 

Keep Your Home Sanitized and Safe From Viruses and Germs

The top use for Vital Oxide is in homes. Particularly we see frequent use in homes with young children, as naturally, parents are going to want to protect their children from both germs and viruses, but also from harsh chemical cleaning products. Vital Oxide is peroxide-based, and 100% safe. Try a bottle of Vital Oxide with a Flairosol sprayer to keep your home germ-free and safe for children of all ages!

Cleaning Gyms, Yoga Mats, and Workout Equipment

Gyms can be one of the most rampant places for germs to spread. Because these workout areas are typically filled with high-energy activities, people in gyms are breathing heavier and more prominently, filling surfaces with potentially infectious germs. 

The surfaces of gyms need to be cleaned thoroughly. In particular, yoga mats can be difficult to penetrate due to their material. Vital Oxide is the only compound that can thoroughly clean gym surfaces with an easy spray, and disinfect yoga mats safely. Trust Vital Oxide to clean your workout equipment, and keep your gym goers safe!

Eliminate Tough Home Odours – Including Cat Litter

Cat litter is perhaps one of the most pungent and difficult scents to eradicate. Did you know Vital Oxide works to eliminate tough odors in the home – including cat litter? Keep your home smelling fresh and clean with a spritz of Vital Oxide. For an added bonus – use Vital Oxide when you clean your cat’s litter boxes – you don’t need harsh chemicals to deep clean your cat boxes, and your kitties won’t balk at the scent!

Clean Children’s and Infant’s Gear (And Cloth Diapers)

We want to protect our children as much as possible. It’s important to keep all of our infant’s gear clean, including anything they put near their mouths (as they tend to!), touch, or come into direct contact with. Vital Oxide kills 99.99999% of all viruses and germs and is a completely eco-friendly sanitizer. This means not only is it safe for use, but it leaves no environmental trace. Adding a cap full of Vital Oxide into the wash with cloth diapers helps to give them a thorough clean, and keep your family, your children, and your babies safe.

Sanitize Earbuds and Cell Phones

We may not realize how dirty our cell phones are. We’re constantly touching them throughout the day, after touching many other surfaces. Our phones become a hub for germs without us even knowing it! One quick bit of Vital Oxide can wipe away those germs.

Similarly, earbuds build up grime and dirt throughout the days that we don’t see. The buildup for our earbuds and Airpods can get to be quite overwhelming. We recommend taking a Q-Tip and using Vital Oxide to clean these safely, and remove all of the dirt and grime – your music and podcasts will sound much better – trust us!

Deep Clean Trash Bins, Recycling Containers, and Garbage Receptacles (At Home and In Office!)

Deep cleaning can be an absolute chore. We all dread doing it. When we deep clean all of our home garbage and recycling containers, we’re hoping to eradicate grime, food waste, and nasty scents – for as long as possible! Vital Oxide makes the process much easier by firstly being an effective eco-friendly cleaning solution that also sanitizes surfaces, and secondly by coming with a convenient Flairosol spray bottle. Oftentimes you can spray, walk away, and come back later to rinse off all of the residues.

This works for the office, too. Clean communal garbage cans and high-traffic areas with a spray of Vital Oxide to keep the office clean and safe for employees. 

Industrial Kitchen or Restaurant? Keep Them Sanitized With Vital Oxide

If you operate a restaurant or large-scale kitchen, you know how much time is dedicated to deep cleaning them each and every night, long after the restaurant is closed. Oftentimes employees spend upwards of two to three hours properly ‘closing’ a kitchen, just for it to be opened the next morning and repeated. 

Vital Oxide makes keeping industrial and commercial kitchens clean a breeze. You can use Vital Oxide with an electrostatic sprayer to evenly spread the eco-friendly disinfectant, and cut down on cleaning time. 

Keep Your Gardens and Plants Bountiful and Healthy

Part of an unhappy indoor garden’s environment is the pot and containers they’re grown in. Having dirty containers, or containers cleaned with acidic chemicals, can affect how much nutrients your plants are receiving from the soil. 

Vital Oxide is 100% eco-friendly and safe to use in any plant matter and for cleaning gardening equipment and keeps your products safe, and your plants healthy and tall! For large-scale industrial gardens and nurseries, we recommend Growers Oxide! 

Sanitize Your Humidifiers, Air Conditioners, and Portable Heaters

Any units that move or purify air can become contaminated with airborne toxins and even virus germs. Think about that humidifier you use when you’re sick. Similarly, portable air conditioners rely on the fresh outdoors to bring in air and the unit’s filter is prone to dirt and grime. This means the air your air conditioner is bringing in could be contaminated, and bringing in with it pollutants and dirt! 

Freshen Up Your Car’s Interior

Vital Oxide with a Flairosol sprayer is the best combination – it’s easy and lightweight, and the spray radius effectively cleans, disinfects, and reduces odors. This is perfect for your car’s interior, where scents can soak and linger into the fabric seats, and dust and grime can build up easily. Trust the combination of Vital Oxide and Flairosol!

Discover The Vital Oxide Difference

Discover the difference Vital Oxide can make in your home, in your car, at work, and when it comes to protecting your family against tough infections, germs, and viruses. Our eco-friendly formula is 99.99999% effective against viruses like COVID-19, influenza, the common cold, and more. Vital Oxide is the best choice for fighting flu and illnesses in your home and at work.

Try Vital Oxide for yourself today, and discover the difference.